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Crappy webcam shot but... [11 Dec 2008|10:13am]
I've taken to wearing my locks like this at home (I know I look ill, that's 'cause I am!). I'm thinking of wearing them like this at work, but I'm not sure if it looks too messy.

I usually wear them down, like this.Collapse )
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it appears that carrots have seized control of my dreads. [11 Dec 2008|05:01pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Well i had what my mum has described as a "disastrous dread fiasco"  D:

Being the festive little beast that i am i decided to go purchase some red hair dye and some green tinsel pipe cleaner things.

It went DREADFULLY WRONG. My hair is now like luminous atomic ginger looking. Seriously i look like drop dead fred!

soon to be rectified, my mums just gone to the shop to purchase some of the same brand dye she used to use, it gives you like postbox red hair and last for bout 2 months on normal hair so I will let you know how it fairs on dreads.

moral of the story; do NOT use crazy colour 'vermilion red' if you actually want red hair...



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i stopped combing my mind so my thoughts could lock. [11 Dec 2008|05:25pm]
I'm sorry i don't have any pictures for you, on the 14th my dreads will be a delightful 5 months old(I really kind of didn't think I've ever be looking at five months, now I'm planning what fun having a year and two years will be.) but I have a few sort of basic questions. I checked out the memories but I didn't find my answers.

1- blowdrying: yay or nay? it's cold as FUCK here in Philadelphia, and dreads stay damp for hours! I know it's bad for brushable or dreaded hair (I never, ever used a hair dryer on my smooth hair) and i dont like exactly how frizzy it makes me dreads. But is it okay for a quick-fix; to keep my long ends from dripping all down my back?

2- Backcombing. So, I didn't have an initial "today is the day i have dreads!" thing. I just kind of let my hair do its thing and gave it gentle encouragement. Midway through the third month I started palmrolling and stuff like that. I've also got a lot of bangs still going on and they're slowly being eaten by dreadness, which is what I wanted. However, because of the lackadaisical nature of this style, I had some ugly motherfuckers on my head. Particularly one small on that was brushable all the way down to the end where it was just an unholy snarl. So i backcombed it into submission.

thank you, friends! I'll try to get some pictures for their birthday. Because let me tell you, I am CRAZY vain about my babies. :D
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One of my dreads fell off!!!! [11 Dec 2008|06:21pm]
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a wee update. [11 Dec 2008|09:20pm]
[ mood | high ]

hello beautiful knotty halo heads :)
i went out last night and had a few pics i thought i'd share, and a couple i took a few days back.
i feel like they are starting to gain a little length now they are over a year, and i love the colour.
i gave them a deep clean the other day after reading a post about lush henna users. i didn't get
much crap out at all, so i did it twice, gave them a good wash and a conditioning treatment.
i'm locked up enough now to use it, i like my dreads feeling soft and kinda messy/fluffy. i love
all my loose hairs. before i went out i conditioned them and gave them a blast with my mums hair dryer while letting the blood rush to my head haha.
okay enough babbling....
onwardd...Collapse )

lots of love xxx

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Life with Lessa, the dread-snuggling dog. A webcam story. [11 Dec 2008|09:21pm]
She uses her paws to pull my dreads in front, and then she snuffles and snuggles and pokes her head through...

...and then she's out, with a tiny snore. She cracks me up!
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[11 Dec 2008|10:51pm]
i went to the vista pirate faire last weekend at the steam and gas engine museum. i had a lot of fun! and eli made me pose in front of the gears and awesome steam engine tractors. :)
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