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argument [14 Dec 2008|05:09am]
Hi! How's everyone? :D Haven't been here in forever, but I still love all you dready folks.

Three friends argued with me that having dreads makes your hair grow faster because the knots are constantly pulling on your hair, thus making it come out faster...

I argued otherwise, to no avail.

So I figured I'd ask the experts, and hopefully they'll credit your expertise more than mine.
(unless I'm wrong and they're right -- then please put me in my place!)

Sorry I'm asking y'all to argue something for me. But your help is appreciated. :)
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Crappy phone pictures. [14 Dec 2008|09:20am]

I have an annoying husband...Collapse )
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going, going, going... [14 Dec 2008|12:15pm]
[ mood | determined ]

i'm finally taking the plunge!
i am going to dread the underneath of my hair tommorow.
i read through almost every single memory (my eyes can only handle a bright ass screen for so long).
i think i'm going to make about 10 dreads.
i'm going to be using a mixture of salt & water to create.
salt & water, crocheting, and a tad bit of aloe for maintaining.
baking soda for deep cleaning.
i'm kind of nervous about the crocheting, but i think i'll be okay.

i'm also going to make these dreads black.
should i dye them before or after?
i would think after, because hair tends to get super soft after you dye.

any tips?
anything you think i should think about?
am i going to start with a good amount?
supportive comments?

and a picture for good measure:

wish me luck, dreadies!


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omg. [14 Dec 2008|06:17pm]
Dr Bronners!
Best shampoo experience of my life, I do believe.
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a little heads up from the mods [14 Dec 2008|06:56pm]
ok guys, as whatsherface's post garnered so many comments, let's take this opportunity to go over the rules:


i deleted her original post because she violated rule 3. she later violated rules 0 & 4 too. i've left the new post in place because she just looks so darned ridiculous i couldn't help but leave all of your responses intact.

you guys know i'm VERY lenient here. i almost never bring down the banhammer. if you post ONE dread-related picture or ask ONE dread-related question (preferably not in the memories), you can put ANYTHING ELSE you want in that post. i'm open like that. it's a COMMUNITY, & i feel we can talk about other things as well as our hair. pets, bodyart (including suspensions), music, whatever. our hair brings us together, but it's not all we are.

all of the rules come down to a decent level of common respect. just be nice & cut your pics, that's all i'm asking. lots of us look at lj at work or through choked internet connections. it's only polite to lj-cut.

if you have any comments for me, suggestions for the community at large, or just want to make a statement about the comm, feel free to do so in the comments of this post.

i <3 gudu, & i know you guys do too.
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arg [14 Dec 2008|07:20pm]
I really want dreads again (would be my third set). But I still live in the Pacific Northwest, so I would hate for them to get moldy again... I really like that I can just jump into the shower, now, and not have to fret over making sure either my hair stays dry or that it's thoroughly washed... then afterward to make sure it gets dry all the way... I don't have to worry about trying to wrangle with pulling scalp as they grow... I don't have to fret over whether or not they look OK.... *SIGH!!!*
But at the same time it's like, I miss watching them change... I miss the awkward phases ending and being sublimely surprised how they shifted. I miss the stunning haphazard artwork that stayed with me always. I miss the weight on my head.
If I do decide to get them again, I'm not looking forward to 4+ months of looking like a crazed banshee and having everyone asking me what happened to my hair! hahahaha. Also, I kind of want to know what it would be like to have long straight hair for once since my childhood... Just sayin'! You guys will definitely be the first to know when/if I get dreads again though!!!

Just so this isn't just me whining on and on about dreads... here are some pictures of the last set I had...Collapse )
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[14 Dec 2008|09:02pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Say goodbye to themCollapse )
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Four months! And some music for you. [14 Dec 2008|09:05pm]
So my babies turned four months yesterday. Now I would usually take pictures the day of, but my camera is dead and my charger is at my parent's house. :[ So I'll just post some pictures from the last month.

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as requested... [14 Dec 2008|10:53pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

pictures of my lovely BFF's dreadies.
nathanCollapse )

Love to all.

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