December 15th, 2008


a bunch of things!!

ok, first and purple hair was a major disaster, it was bleeding and staining everywhere. Something had to be done. So, I concocted something crazy I read online (do not get me to divulge's super super least, it seemed like it to me) to fade and wash out some of the excess pigment. Well, at the same time, this deep cleansed (I guess?) my waxy dread locks, and they fell out (as you told me they would, lesson learned). So, I about to do some major back combing and rip and twist method on my hair, after I redye it a natural red (I need a job and probably am less likely to get one with purple dreaded hair over natural red dreaded hair...meh).

A few concerns/specific questions:
1. I am curious, I have read the memories and seen the debate over those who keep maintaining their dreads in the beginning for a "neater" or "better" look, and those that do not (which is subsequently viewed as the "better way" to get dreads) but I am really curious as to what the two different approaches actually look like, 2 months, 6months, a year, and years  down the road? Any picture examples you may have are appreciated. I have my preference as to a look of dreads, but, I am not sure which method is the one I should follow to achieve it.

2. Am I weirdo in that I don't get greasy hair, just an insanely dry and itchy scalp the more I go without washing? Is there something wrong or? And is it bad to wash your dreads every other day to combat this? The memories' wisdom would imply no, but I just want confirmation.

3. Why isn't there a memory category for short dreads? People have opinions as to the best method to form them, the ways you have to wash them in the beginning, etc so yeah! Unless I am blind, I didn't see a category for that.

and yes, I got a new username, to inspire me to actually write in my main journal :D in case you actually noticed and were confused.
double exposure

9 months dreaded, and thoughts.

I can't quite believe it's been 9 months with dreads. I thought about it for quite a while before I took the plunge. This is my third set, the second intentional set. My first set was full of over-waxed fail and itchy hell, second set was accidental as I had synthetic dread extensions and didn't get the roots tightened and my hair grew out matted and dreaded. Shaved that lot off in a fit of anger.
So third time round, all I did was section and backcomb. I've done pretty much no maintenance apart from ripping them apart to keep seperate. I've never palmrolled, and due to this I have odd lumps and bends and about 8 or so flat dreads but I love them all the more for their idiosyncracies and weirdness.
6 months in I had lost a lot of length, so added some of my boyfriend's cut dreads as extensions (tutorial is in the memories somewhere), and they've held up well, although even since adding the extensions my hair has shrank a bit. I am sure at some point they will stop shrinking and start to grow.

I have noticed people react to me differently since the dreads. I've been assumed to be a vegetarian, a stoner, and a crusty who doesn't wash. I got thoroughly searched on the way into festivals (never used to happen pre-dreads), but on the other hand I noticed that strangers will just come up and start conversations, using my hair as an excuse, which is nice.

I'm hoping to have these for a long time yet. I added some wraps of coloured string to brighten them up a little and to make them more cheerful in this horrible cold grey time of year.

Seriously, this is such a great community. Everyone here has been amazingly inspiring and friendly and helpful and all around fantastic.
Best community on LJ, for sure.

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Syd has a flat iron

hoooow AWKWARD!

Hey dreadies,

So, back in the early fall I made a post about how I wanted to get dreaded in order to look more like "myself," which is to say feral, tribal, etc.

I was advised to do them naturally, so I have been...

I'm in a really awkward, witchy stage right now. I kinda sometimes love them, personally, but my roommate's been calling me Medusa and some old friends from DC mentioned that it looks 'horrible.' Heh.

However! Most of my fellow artists/writers/musicians/activisits who live with me now in this loverly commune in Brooklyn are apparently digging how freaky I look. I'm torn.

Anyway, here are some progress pics [I did a total 'Dear Myspace' cameraphone shoot from the confines of my sick bed]. If you guys could tell me it gets better and convince me not to take a brush to this mess I'd appreciate it! I've been in bed with pneumonia for a week, which did wonders for the process heh. They're gonna be a real bitch to separate after this!!

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Thanks always for the love and support! You are all beautiful.
<3 Lennon Olivia

trimming dreads

Quick question....

Here's a quick snap from August when I was painting... my dreads are getting long enough that when they're wet they are almost impossible to deal with. Just joined the Y, and we swim all the time, so I think I may have a trim on the New Year....

Just curious... those of you who have cut some length off of your dreads, at what angle did you trim them? I wasn't quite getting it from the memories post, so please let me know how you cut yours and which angle you used... here's a handy visual aid:

A or B?
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subjecty subjecty subject

Hello, I've not posted on here in AGES, I still read LJ pretty regularly but I've been incredibly slack with posting. After a bit of pestering from names0fthedead (a good week or two back now...) here's an update!

These pics probably won't be ideal as I'm just taking them from what I've already got, but here's some pics taken during the first day of recording for a new split EP my band are doing...

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About 5 and a half years if anyone's wondering (since July '03 I think it was).

I'll try and sort some better ones this evening... I should dig out some band photos as well seeing as there's two of us with dreads now. I also dreaded my housemate's hair a few weeks back so I'll see if she minds me posting one of her on here.
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(no subject)

Hey guys, I haven't been on here in a long time, but I chopped off my first set of dreads last year and have grown my hair out and very much want a new set. I don't know many people in the area, so is there anyone near Columbia, SC? I would be willing to make you crafty things or bake cookies or whatever you'd like in exchange :D.