December 17th, 2008

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Thanks to a friend of mine who has amazing dreads, i've been really thinking about dreading my hair..
i want them so bad, but i'm not sure if i'd look good with them (also, my boyfriend dislikes them, but i may go for it anyway.. haha)
so would you be able to tell me if they'd look alright or something?

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So I have just ordered some henna that will, if all goes according to plan, dye my hair a lovely strawberry blond.  I'm a redhead right now, done with chemical dyes about four months ago.  I have read all the memories on Henna and know not to use the lush henna bars (my brushable hair would have loved all that coco butter), so I ordered the pure powder henna to mix my self.
But there are a few questions I still have not answered in the memories.
1. Has anyone every had a green hair disaster after using Henna on chemically dyed hair?  In the memories it said that this can sometimes happen but I didn't read any personal accounts of anything like that happening, and I really don't want green hair.
2.  I also read in the memories that if you use cling wrap it can affect the color of the dye (the example was specifically about brown dye). Does anyone know how using cling wrap will effect the color of the reddish blond dye? I'm going for more of a blond and less of a red.
3. How long after dyeing with Henna would it be "safe" to do a deep clean? my dreads are only two month old babies and I have very naturally oily hair.  The first deep clean I did (baking soda)  worked wonders to get all the grossness out of the center of my dreads and I'd like to do it once a month, but I'd also like my color to stay as vibrant as possible for as long as possible.

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I'm really scared to post this for some reason...
My hair's been in baby dreads for just over a month maybe? & I've done sweet FA with them. I palm roll once a week when they get washed but but but I'm still holding two jobs & a uni course.
Excuses excuses.

I'm just waiting for my undercut to get slightly longer so I can get that in baby dreads too, it would make me happy all over the place. I think I regret shaving half my head, oh dears.

I likes them & they're fun & wild & messy, which match my messy mind :)

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SO I have been thinking about brushing out my dreads. The other day I was fixing a lock and I got curious and brushed the dread out. Now I am completely torn but leaning towards ending my 2yr dread adventure. The two main reasons would be 1. These last two years have proly been my hardest so far and i do believe that i would be releasing some of that energy and starting something new and 2. this is terrible to say but boredom :( I need a change. I also was goin to wait untill the 4 year mark (i have a thing for even numbers) but i think it might be time. I dont really know what to do. I am goin to think on it a lil more. I told my sister my idea and she was sad and said that I fit my dreads. And I dont think i like that. idk. I know if I do brush them out that I will dread my hair again thats for sure...i love em too much. So I guess i just need some advise or any stories people have about brushing/cutting their dreads. that would be really helpful.
love n light
so its not text only :D
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