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Pre-dreadlocking... [18 Dec 2008|12:15am]
I have been thinking about getting dreadlocks since I was about 7-ish. I'm now 19 and have finally left home, so I get a chance to do it without giving my Mum a coronary (she'll still get one when she finds out though)

My hair is naturally straight and not that long (just over 6 inches), I'm planning on letting it grow a bit before I dreadlock it, but I keep getting loads of conflicting information. Can I get some general advice, and also, is there a commercial shampoo that is good to use on dreadlocks (ie: non residue stuff), that is cheap as I am a poor student.

Any ideas on how to break it to my mother gently? Because she is not going to like it, and I wasn't planning on telling her until after I'd started them off.
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8th century dread mass trickery [18 Dec 2008|12:33am]

096 by you.
some call it the magic door. some call it the door of evil, the green party have claimed it as their own. but the locals call it.... the mouldy door!!!!

stuffstuffstuffstufffffff!!!!!Collapse )
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Dreads and snow! [18 Dec 2008|09:31am]
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I moved here from Vermont under the assumption it didn't really snow here in Portland, Oregon! Lame!


oh, and they are seven months.. or eight. I forget.

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[18 Dec 2008|11:19am]
it almost never snows in seattle, but there's plenty enough of it out there today for a free day off work. :D i'm bundled up warm in black fleece & my ponytail hat. i figured this'd be a nice opportunity to take a comparative pic.

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