December 18th, 2008



I have been thinking about getting dreadlocks since I was about 7-ish. I'm now 19 and have finally left home, so I get a chance to do it without giving my Mum a coronary (she'll still get one when she finds out though)

My hair is naturally straight and not that long (just over 6 inches), I'm planning on letting it grow a bit before I dreadlock it, but I keep getting loads of conflicting information. Can I get some general advice, and also, is there a commercial shampoo that is good to use on dreadlocks (ie: non residue stuff), that is cheap as I am a poor student.

Any ideas on how to break it to my mother gently? Because she is not going to like it, and I wasn't planning on telling her until after I'd started them off.
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it almost never snows in seattle, but there's plenty enough of it out there today for a free day off work. :D i'm bundled up warm in black fleece & my ponytail hat. i figured this'd be a nice opportunity to take a comparative pic.

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