December 20th, 2008

products to use

hey everyone, i was wondering what some of your folks advice for dread products.

i dont care to much for wax products, i had dreads before and wax didnt help them out one bit.
i am more looking for a good shampoo or a good product that will tighten them up.
i was checking out the knottyboy products but i dont know how effective they are, there wasnt much testomony for their products on their page that i could find.
thanks everyone
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Long time!

Hello GUDU!!

It's been awhile since I posted. I was gonna wait til my 2 year mark, but screw it. I don't care! Hardihar!!


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I am literally at my email inbox, wondering why I got a long string of emails from LJ.
You folks that replied almost IMMEDIATELY after I posted this have me blushing. HARD. <[^___^]>
Like...WOW. So since I thought it'd be easier to just do this instead of being speechless to each of you, I just want to say thanks! ALOT! Definite confidence-booster.

*waddles away awkwardly*
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hilarious antics at a seattle QFC

ok. so joe & i & our friend chris were all at the QFC on broadway a short while ago. while looking for ice cream, a chick with black dreads & green bangs walked past with a guy. nice dreads on her, at least a few years old. as we turned away from the ice cream & headed towards the milk, i ran into ANOTHER girl with black dreads & green bangs, just as nice. same color green, even. i asked if she's with the other chick, & she said no. i told her that her hair doppelganger is in the store, & we tried to find the first girl, but couldn't.

so team gudu, who here has or knows someone in seattle with black dreads & green bangs? we need to put them together in the same room. :D

ps. since the moderator bitch banned me without warning or reason from seattle, it'd be cool if someone in the comm could cc this there.

Almost a year

Hey guys :)  My dreads are going to be a year old in January (the first week... the 7th I think), and so I thought that I would make an early time-line post in celebration!  There is much to celebrate.  I love my dreadies more and more...  I feel like I've grown into them.  There are far fewer days where I feel 'not pretty' or 'blahhh' than there used to be.  I don't know if it's because I've grown in the confidence area, I think everything's just become more... comfortable.

Some of these pictures may have been seen on here before... but I don't have huge amounts and it'sjust interesting to see them all lined up in their entirety in order to see my dready process.

So here goes:


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There... c'est fini!