December 21st, 2008

Jon Stewart


I just found the funniest picture of my dreads. Yes, it even beats pics from my first day with dreads.

About a month after my dreads were started, I decided to dye my hair purple with SFX Deep Purple. It was ridiculously dark and not at all nice looking on me. It also stained my pillowcases, the shower, and any shirt I wore with a collar on it for months and months, regardless of how many times I washed my hair.

Six months later, it had faded to a weird fuchsia (and I hate pink). I tried covering it with different bright colors, but it always stayed in my hair, even when the other colors had faded away. Over a year later, it was STILL in my hair. My hairdresser friend and I decided we were going to use bleach and color remover, but it only made the pink more neon and obnoxious.

Lesson learned? Stay the fuck away from SFX by Deep Purple! Even after another three years, the very tips of some of my dreads have pink poking out of them.


This post is not to start 'internet drama' for any of those who are a part of the online community, and enjoy being a part of it.  I'm just posting this because it's made me really sad.

I'll just post to the thread that I'm talking about:

The blatant racism, violent language, and ignorance in this thread is really horrifying to me.  I found DreadLock truth a week or so ago, and I've enjoyed it thus far.... but this has really put a sour taste in my mouth.  I know that nothing like that thread would ever occur on GUDU, because I know that people here are a lot more open minded and respectful of those around them - and perhaps that is why I was so shocked to see such shamelessly oppressive dialogue on another dread community (an offensive picture was recently removed from the thread).  It's not that I feel that people with dreadlocks should inevitably be 100% 'politically correct' or respectful and use peaceful language, just because they have made the decision to knot their hair. I don't know, I guess I've just been spoiled with very lovely experiences with people on GUDU.

So yeh... it just bums me out... and I thought I'd just spill it all out here.   

I very recently posted my 1 year time-line, so I won't post any pics.  I think that this post is already relevant enough.

Hmm... how do you feel about the post on dreadlocktruth?  It just blows my mind - I can't imagine any of you taking part in that. 

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Deep clean for noobs.

I'm thinking about doing a deep clean. (Mainly because I want to see if anything gross goes down that shower drain. Like a science experiment?)
I've noticed that sometimes people mention that the tightness of your locks matters when you do a deep clean. Does it? And, if so, how tight should they be?

Thinking about it now it doesn't seem like it would matter(as long as they're not super young and delicate...) But I think it's just a good idea to check, right?

And I did check the memories.

Webbing problems!?

Webbing is the best term I can think of for this, and I've heard people use it before, I'm guessing it's the same thing...

Anyway, I seem to be finding lots of hairs connecting between dreads, like an inch from the root, most are just a few strands, so I've just been snipping them, I'm sure they'll get sucked into the dreads in time, so no biggy...

However, there is 1 dread at the back that has loads of hairs joining it to 2 surrounding dreads! Now it's not like the roots are mashing, so I can just rip them apart, these hairs are locked in tight, and I can't figure out where it's coming from, or going to! So I'm a bit weary of cutting so much hair...

Anyone else had this problem? Any solutions?

And yes, I checked the memories, I couldn't find anything on it...


Gods Bless Mothers

I swear my mom is the coolest, she got a comb and and backcombed a crap ton of lose hairs tonight on the top of my head trying to clean up the mess that is top of my head! the rest of my head seems to be goin fine, but that part has been really difficult to get it to do anything right! lol she's the greatest, this is all

and im waiting to take pics until the 6 month mark, 2 months to go <.< >.>
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Hellooo fellow gudus!

I have been meaning to post some pic spam of my drealings, but just never had enough time with my mom being in the hospital with pneumonia and my sister inlaw giving birth to my nephew on Wednesday oh and we can't forget baking a crap load of cookies for christmas presents!!! Yeah, so I have been busy.

Anywhooo, I must say that I love my dreads each and every day more and more. They have grown on my and I think it makes me who I am, to be honest. They fit me perfectly I think and they show a girl that not only doesn't care about what others think of her and does what she thinks is best for herself, but also makes me feel like ME. After I had brushed out my first set of dreads when I was 17 I had never felt the same and always wanted them back, but decided to wait awhile.

I must say, waiting was the best idea I think I ever had with my hair. I let it grew out to a nice length and waited until my life was mostly content before I took the plunge. I am happy to say that I probably will have them stay with me longer then I had orginaly planned. I thought I would only have them for about a year and a half, but I think I am going to have them around for about 5ish years or maybe even longer then that we will jsut have to see.

I plan on learning how to crochet some of the loose hair I have towards the end of Janaury, after I have my knee surgery and have nothing better to do (I wont be able to walk for 8 weeks). I think thats a good time to learn, plus my dreadlings will be just over 5 months old. :)

Anyways, sorry I blabbed a lot I just thought you guys are the best to express what I thought about my dreads and all and would appreciate it.

Sooo on with the picture spam!!

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Blah blah blah, mushy gooshy love stuff. Happy Solstice.

Happy Solstice, everybody! Today our sunrise was at 8:48 and our sunset at 4:16. I miss the sun and I am glad we are on the upswing!

I'm also a teacher and enjoying the first weekend of xmas break! Whee for xmas break!

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I've been a member of this community since 2005 (I've had dreadlocks since June 2001) and I just wanted to say that it has been pretty fun getting to know everyone on here. I have made some friends that I truly appreciate. I've watched a lot of sets start, many of them tighten, some of them mature, and a few of them last and last and last. I love every stage of dreadlocks, I think that there is always something really awesome about them and something really exciting to look forward to. So, as always, thanks for sharing and allowing me to be a small part of your dreadlock journey. Blah blah blah, mushy gooshy love stuff.