December 22nd, 2008


No we're not.

I would like to clarify some things regarding this post :

We at are a community of friendly, outgoing, open minded individuals who are most definitely NOT racist in any way and will not tolerate any of that.
Our entire community should not be held accountable simply for one thread that only a few posters participated on.

Our admin has posted a public apology which you can find here if u must :

Lishd, I feel it does not do us justice to mislabel us as ignorant under the memories section. As so, I would kindly request that you remove it from the memories section. Thank you.

Please take note that when running an online community, it is completely impossible to control what the members say. We have rules and guidelines and when a member fails to adhere to that, appropriate action will be taken by mods and admins.

A question...

 Hi, everyone. I'm a long time lurker in this community and am wanting to start dreading very soon. I do, however, have one question before I start that I would like to know the answer to.
I have cats, and so does my boyfriend. I was wondering, if you get a flea(s) in your dreads, how do you go about removing them? How would you go about removing a tick, etc?
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I have woolen dreadies - & I've noticed as they've settled & become flatter (which i prefer to big and fluffy) that I may want a fringe next time to soften them around my face as I always wear them tied back. I've also had the problem of the dreads being quite heavy (to my waistband) & i think it may be pulling my hair out from the roots (there are little white dots on the ends) - I'm thinking a fringe will help this as it's only happening around my hair line.

I'm wondering who has a fringe & can you share any pics with me of it for inspiration?

I've never had a fringe in my life so I'm hoping one would suit me? I'm thinking a longer side swept fringe perhaps - then colouring it to match my dreads (I'm blonde regrowth, black ends underneath!)

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i need your help!


i'm going to put extensions in my hair and then dread it all, and i'd like some opinions on the best method for doing so (glue-in, sew-in, clip-in, etc.) . . . thank you so much for any advice you can give me! : )

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Happy Birthday to me! I'm 32 today, but feel like I'm still 16. :D

AJ (mewsing) wanted to make me a hat, but ended up making me a draw string bag instead. Little does she realize, it's multi-purpose! I can use it for both!

Instead of a traditional cake, I made a MASSIVE pan of Peanut Butter Rice Krispy bars and then cut the letters out to spell my name (my sister's idea), coated them with semi-sweet melted chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. I still have A LOT of rice krispy bars left, but that's not a bad thing. :)

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4 month update

my dreads will be 4 months this week so i thought id share a few pictures to show how everythings going tell me what you think :)
theyr really frizzy and some are getting really weak right above the tip cause the tip to break off:/
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