December 23rd, 2008

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Being decisive

I just want to update from my last post.

I am now booked in this afternoon to get my bum length dreads cut to shoulder length - to help avoid any pulling on my roots.

I will also be keeping a close watch on my scalp for any changes or damage & will assess my hair when I remove this set - to decide whether to get them again or give them up *sob*

The worst damage I've had is accidentally ripping one half off - I was leaning on it & jumped off my bed.

Thankyou for your replies libee</lj>  and names0fthedead</lj>   - I'm seriously considering starting a set of real dreads mid year (get my colour right first). I'd love some examples of dreads started short if you did this. Is hard work trawling through GUDU when you're meant to be working!

I'm editing my post to add a photo of my hair length before i put it in woolies 2 months ago - Any shorter than this and the length really doesnt suit me (ive had every length cut and colour!). I think I'm worried they're going to be way too short & I'll regret it. I've also spent the last few hours reading through the memories (just don't tell my boss!) - lots of photos are gone/blocked for me. I have learnt a bit though. Not nearly enough to make me confident haha.
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decisions decisions

You asked for more, you get more.

I am sitting here, sewing like mad to finish my xmas gifts, beside two boxes of hair dye: Golden Sienna (strawberry blonde) and Medium Copper Brown.

I've done the Strawberry Blonde thing before, I liked it alright. I've never gone brown before, I think it might be kind of fun to go really dark and surprise my friends and family before xmas.

What do you guys think? Would brown look alright? I am unconcerned about getting colours out, I have a good friend who works in a salon and he is wonderful with bleach. Any other recommendations? Unfortunately I can't do the crazy colours anymore because of work.
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For those of you who may be Skinny Puppy fans, last night I saw OhGr, the side project of frontman for Skinny Puppy, Nivek Ogre. It was an amazing show, easily the best one I've ever seen. Nivek does a fantastic stage performance, and the music sounded just as good on stage as it did at my house. So, in light of's a picture of me and Nivek Ogre himself. He's really the definiton of badass.

For those of you who've never heard of Skinny Puppy or Ohgr, if you like Industrial/experimental electronica, I would definitely check out both of those bands.

And now, onto the dread pictures.
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bloody face

first time...or second.

I think this is my first post. I can't remember if I posted back two years ago when i had my first set of dreadlocks. But anyway, this is either my first or second post to this community lol. I'm on my second set of dreads and yesterday they turned 6 months and I took some pictures to document the occasion and I thought I would share them. :)

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They're loopy & messy and everyday I love them a little more.
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