December 24th, 2008



ok so i love dreads, i want dreads but after 4 months of them and seeing that the lady who did them put them in really uneven sections (mostly this is on the top where it feels like predominatly loose hair)with some so thin its not even funny, im seriously thinking of brushing them out and starting over. they havn't really shrunk, that i can tell and the top just wont stay together. im super frustrated, i'll cave in and take some pictures tomorrow( i was wanting to wait until 6 months) when its light to get your opinions.. sorry for ranting hope all is well and happy holidays!
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figured out a way to keep it together

i quickly wanted tell you guys an interesting thing i figured out today. i have some loosehairs all over my head that arent a part of locks.. i dont maintain them with a crochet hook, i kinda just let it be its own thing. anyways, i pulled out a long individual hair and wrapped it around an ineven section of a dread, as if it were a string. whabam! maintaining dreads with your own hair. you can't see it, and it hopefully stays long enough to get tangled in the dread anyways.

oh and happy holidays to everyone, even those wiccans and whatnots out there. they deserve some lovin too

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I've learned some stuff about me that I'd never realized before having dreaddies.

I sleep on my right side more often than my left, and I have a nervous tick... twirling my hair.

These factors have made it so that the hair on the left side of my head way longer and not as dreaded as the right side... I put in a hair wrap so that some of the undreaded hair had some place to go.

I think it looks funny, but I know it's all a part of having dreads and learning about yourself. I play with my hair wrap now more than my loose hair and I've been training myself to fall asleep in my left side in hopes that it will help the process along.

anyway, here are some photos of me over the past 10 months...
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