December 27th, 2008


i raelly m not stoned in the last pic, i SWEAR

ok so i bit the bullet and took some pics of my 4 month old dreads uhm yeah... in the last picture im not stoned i promise, the flash caught my face right as i turned and yeah, i really just wanted to show my new plugs i got for yule!!!

im worried the top is jut a mess, but yeah i like the sides and back...

ok to the pictures

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okay so this is what my hair looks like. (sorry for the shitty picture, its all i got atm.)
my hair is really fine, oily, and straight. and this is what i was thinking of doing.
first, bleaching my hair white. then dreading it.
i read somewhere that it helps. (i also miss having white hair.)
i want to keep my bangs i think, but i'm afraid that only girls can pull that off, haha.
a main thing i was thinking about was how to part the sections for each dred,
because of course i don't want it to be parted straight down the back of my head,
so should i do like a brick pattern?

p.s. i haven't slept in 2 days. forgive me if my grammar is wrong.
rise, power, flobots

better photos + dreadhead meme!

i got batteries for my camera finally and transferred all my old photos off my memory card, which means a photo update for you all. hoorah!

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i've been having some trouble getting into the holiday spirit, and i figured the best way to distract myself and simultaneously waste time would be to create a dreadhead meme. enjoy!

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hope that was at least somewhat amusing. :)
love you!
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My hair grows really fast. Like at least an inch or two a month. My roots aren't locking up. I have about an inch and a half of undreaded hair between my scalp and each lock. Anything I can do? 
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Quick question! Again. ;p

What size crochet needle should I get? If my hair type matters, I have fine, straight, glossy hair.

Also, I understand how a crochet needle is used for maintenance (pulling dreadballs down inside dreads) but I don't understand how new dreads are crocheted. Can anyone give an explanation of how that works?

Pacific Beach

I'm in San Diego for one more night. My family just fully moved out here, but I'm back in Michigan selling the family house.

We went to the beach today.

I don't have very many pictures of my 6 dreads (amidst tangled hair). 3 underneath are backcombed, and 3 on top are my little version of rip and twist. The top 3 are a week old, whereas the bottom are... I'd say a month and a half?

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