December 28th, 2008


Seven months into my dreadlocks

Well this is my third time with dreadlocks. The first time I had them for four months, I loved them but I had to take them out because of a job. The second time, I did them myself and they kept on falling out every 3-4 weeks so I gave up. Now on my third try...

I had them done at a very good salon and I have had maint. done every 4-5 weeks. They started off 4-5 inches and are now almost shoulder length(yay) and I have fine/curly hair. My issue is the lower ones on the back my head are still falling out 1/2 way. The hair is very thick and soft in this area and I try to re-back comb then weekly but I am now having dreams of my dreads all coming undone :( The rest are knotted up great.... I wish I could palm roll them daily but being at the back of my head-my arms just can't do it.


It is only the first three/four rows at the very back that I am having issues with. Anyone have any tricks or tips besides to shave that area?


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I have had fake dreads in an out since around june while waiting for my hair to grow out a bit. I had real dreads I didn myself a little while back, but they (for lack of a better word) SUCKED. I combed them out, but now Im read for the real thing again. But I dont want to start them myself again. I have really thin straight hair!! I live in Calgary Alberta and was wondering if anyone does dreads around here?

Thanks :)

Btw, Everyones Dreads are looking amazing!! Thanks for always inspireing me :)
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sorry for all the pics! i got a new labtop with a built in webcam so im totally camwhoring it up.

this is the longest ive had dreads....i'm so excited, still. i think i say that everytime i post. hope you all are having a beautiful day<3
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In case you're wondering I've already checked the memories.

I need dread maintenance, badly. I was trying to go the rip/twist route, but due to the fact that I've got this awesome opportunity at a job next summer here in Yellowstone National Park where I live and work 10 months of the year I have to get my dreadies looking more neat.

They're only a few months old, I started them on 10/30/08. I'm looking to have full maintenance done, roots, loose hairs, possibly tips rounded, and I'd like to somehow make a few of my dreads a lovely green.
I'm from Wisconsin and I will be traveling east in March for my break between winter and summer seasons.
Lish, I was actually thinking about coming out to Seattle to have you work on them, how hard would it be to convince you to fly to Bozeman, Montana or somewhere in Wisconsin for a few days to help a girl out?!
Or, is there anyone with Lish like awesomeness in dread maintenance (She wins, saw the website ^_^) that is in Wisconsin, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, the Dakotas, or the Chicago area who can help me out?

This would be happening in March or April, by the way, since I am unable to get out of the park until March.

Thanks Dreadheads.
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Need some major help. anyone ever had this happen?

I am in need of some help with my baby dreads.
I started dreading my hair in October, and it was going pretty decent until I got into a bike accident. I couldn't use my left arm for six weeks so I couldn't keep up with doing my dreads every day anymore. So they got zero maintance.
And then they started doing this really odd thing one time after I had them washed, they started really tangling and bunching together so that they started sticking up from my hair. Which is also really strange because before dreads, my hair was longer than shoulder length and now its just sticking out my head looking really short.
These are the best photos I have of my most current hair, it was at a christmas party :) 
(you can see my poor sling too :( )  Collapse ) I've tried ripping them apart but some  are so bunched up together it's kind of impossible.
Does anyone have any solutions for this? I really want to keep my dreads because I've been through so much so with them and they've become such a part of me now, but I want them to look more like normal dreads, rather than sticking up awkwardly everywhere. I do love the style theyre in, but I'm afraid theyre tangling more and more every day to a point where I will have to shave them :/

Also, if anyone lives in Santa Cruz, California, and would like to help me out in person, I would be more than grateful for that.

Thanks for reading.
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The other day I was at the store when I came across this girl with some really nice locks. She asked if she could touch my hair. I let her and I played with hers as well. Then we each traded a bead and helped put them in each other's hair. 'Twas so cool. First time anyone has asked to touch my dreads. :D
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