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I promise this will have pictures soon... [29 Dec 2008|01:49am]
I have piccies of my 6.5 week old dreads.... (by the calender: born 11/14/08: so states teh Lishness)

Anyway, there are shots of my dreads in their natural habitat... in fact the trip to the bar earlier tonight was me and my wife's Christmas present from my sister and brother in law. So. Yeah.

You'll have the pics as soon as I do...

(points at icon to prove this wasn't a totally wasted teaser post...)

ETA: edited per her Lishy omnipotence.
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A photo I like [29 Dec 2008|04:03am]
 I don't like photos of myself much. But this one made me happy.

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gotta love family. [29 Dec 2008|09:15am]

My brother pretty well sums up our "family photo" experience.

more fun family Christmas picturesCollapse )

I hope you all had a blessed holiday season and have as much to be thankful for as I do. =)

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Bleaching, Dying and Deep Cleaning [29 Dec 2008|11:14am]
I'm planning on all of the above.
My process is usually:

Bleach on non clean hair
(so the natural oils can protect your locks)



Insert Colour


Several Days later, WASH.

I'm wondering if i should deep clean before i do all of this,
deep clean after i bleach and before i dye
or just do what i do and deep clean after i colour.
my only concern is deep cleaning out the colour.
(I've never deep cleaned before)

Any input?


do I *Need* Tea Tree Oil?
I couldn't find any at the store,
and i can't find my bronner's at home,
but i have the following ingredients,
. baking soda
. sea salt
. lemon juice

** Editing even more **

thanks for all of your advice.
i'm just going to deep clean and wait a while
to do the whole colouring process.
saying bye bye to the blue and the green!!!
wheeeee .......
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hair today [29 Dec 2008|05:55pm]
It was a weight, more than physical.

weightless bird : image-heavyCollapse )

: )
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1 year update [29 Dec 2008|07:58pm]
[ mood | calm ]

this is a whole 9 minutes of me rambling about my dreads, how much they mean to me, and why i love them. i suck at editing and the part where i show my dreads suddenly got super super speedy, so pausing will probably help to see them a bit better. i'm hoping to make a timeline when i get some more time.

and for all that i forgot to say within the video, i've suddenly become at peace with my dreads. for a while i was really fighting with them and trying to get them to look a certain way, or to look identical to someone elses. i've slowly realized how much they really represent who i am as a person, and how they embody their own brand of personality. they're slowly maturing into little grown ups, and i've suddenly realized just how much of a journey dreadlocks really are.
throughout this past year i've lost myself, and somehow my dreadlocks represent hope. i started them before all the bad happened, and they show who i was before i became a shell of myself.
here i am now, and they serve as a reminder of just how great i thought i was at one point in time. my confidence was higher than ever when they were a birds nest. as soon as they started forming i found myself fighting to make them MORE neat in order to embrace some sort of vanity that i found myself feeling like i had lacked, what with my self-confidence falling completely.
now i've realized, my dreadlocks are beautiful, BECAUSE they're mine.
i've matured with them, and will continue to. so if you can take any words of advice from this, take that. have a fantastic new year<3

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henna mixes! [29 Dec 2008|10:24pm]
hey you guys!
i want to use henna on my dreads, i've read through the memories and know what i'm doing, basically, but i was wondering if anyone had any recipes for mixes other than the basic henna powder/lemon juice mixture. specifically, i remember someone here (i can't remember who it was, sorry!) mentioning using red wine in her henna. does anyone have a favorite method that they hold tried & true?
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