December 31st, 2008

pigtail hat

Inspired by the post in the memories, I made the pigtail hat from a 75¢ fleece blanket I got at the thrift store. Wasn't really digging it, but really wanted the hat. I crochet, so I decided to make a pattern for the hat. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: Collapse )
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snow dreads

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
I wish you and your dreadies all the best in 2009! Be happy and lucky, have fun! Dreadlocks rock!!! I adore all of you so much!

more pics here

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Well.. They're.. Coming along I guess. I dont muss with them too often. had them since august. Eh. Have days where I hate um, days where I enjoy um. Its hard to get a decent image of them anymore.
But anyhow. Like the image says. Happy New Years.  Please be safe you sexy bastards.

I hate you LJ cuts.

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stomp your face

one year timeline post <3

'ello loves.

One year ago tonight my dreads were started. So I thought I would share
a little timeline and also some photos I took today. This is  very image heavy!

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I don't have any pictures from April, and the only one from March has them pulled back,
and you can't really see them clearly. They were so thin and scraggly back then!

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just droppin in to say...

still dreaded, still doin fine
still livin a life
that's full of sunshine!

....well, a few clouds, right now?
we're in oregon, which is COLD,
but the snow has stopped so
that's nice, and tonight will
be exciting, no matter what
the plans, or at least so
i've decided? O.o

but yes, HI!
and if you're in portland,
and you might see me out tonight!
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1.5 yrs!

 It's been a year and a half. Whoa! I can't do a time line, since I have next to no pics of my dreads when I got them. But here is what that look like now. Ignore the fact that I look stupid in pics. I should start blurring out my face. lol. HAPPY NEW YEARS!

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My daughter was playing with my hair yesterday and as I was running my hand over the back of my head last night, I felt a knot. She had tied one of my dreads into a knot. I thought that was the only one. This afternoon, I was washing my hands and looked up in the mirror and noticed that one of my dreadies was shorter than usual in the back. I guess I missed one that she tied into a knot. I got a pic of this one. Cracks me up what she does to my hair and proves that moms don't actually have eyes in the back of their heads, though I'm not telling HER that. :)

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