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[02 Jan 2009|02:48am]
happy new year!! it's been a long, long time since i've posted, BUT i do check this community all the time.

lish and her man have convinced me to do a deep clean, stat. =] i've never used anything in my hair except shampoo, but i know they would feel soo gooood afterward.

anyway... 3 years, 5 monthsCollapse )
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bang bang [02 Jan 2009|08:10am]
hello fine people of gudu. i need your thoughts and opinions. so, i've had my dreads for 7 and a half years, and im needing some change. i dont want to cut them off, because i love them! but i am really contemplating bangs. the reason this even came up was cause i am having some thinning issues on my right side, esp the dread in the front. i have a feeling that i am going to go bald on that side, and the dread keeps getting thinner. but anyway... what i want to know is what you awesome people think about my bangs idea. i was gonna chop the two in the front off halfway up, brush the rest out gently (well as much as possible) and clean and condition it once its brushed out and then cut... i am thinking some longish sideswept bangs. i have loose hair all aroud the frame of my face anyway, from temple to temple. i have very straight not so thick white girl hair. my boyfriend wont give me an opinion except that i should do what i want, and the one friend i talked to about it said yes go for it

thanks in advance and i hope you all had a great NYE!

(obligatory 'will bangs look good' photo taken this summer in colorado)

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I come bearing good news! [02 Jan 2009|08:19am]
[ mood | cold ]

[my co-worker was messing with my phone and took this. I actually enjoy this photo.]

• My dreads hit six months without me really knowing. Weird!
I feel like I should've done some little progression post. Maybe I still will.
• I'm getting a new (point and shoot) camera either today or tomorrow.
So I'll actually be able to post more than pictures via iPhone. YES!
BEST NEWS EVER! In places where my hair was weak from the dread perm and started breaking at the root, shortly after the curl started dropping, its locking into the rest of the dread and re-strengthening! For now, only the ones NOT on the top layer of my hair are doing this, but it's progress and I'm so excited. I noticed it last night before my shower and I was all "Oooooh!!!!!" about it. Very thrilled.
• I got a lovely new tea set last night. On clearance at Walmart for $5.00. It was one of those gift sets pre-packaged for Christmas. Everything in that section was over 50% discounted.

I thought there was more, maybe not. I have some not good news, too, but why be negative? It's a new year, a fresh start, a new outlook. Not going back :)
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[02 Jan 2009|12:47pm]
In the last month, I've been frequenting dance parties and have talked to many people about their or my dreadlocks. They're a good conversation starter! Mine will be five months old on the 19th, and I plan on giving them a deep cleaning on their half year mark. I've ripped a couple apart because of weird sectioning, and have six more locks because of it. Eventually I plan on combing a few of those out to combine them. I've also rounded a couple tips and have a feeling boredom will lead to the rounding of a few more. I do like my wispy tips though. Here are some recent pictures, one may not be work safe.

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[02 Jan 2009|01:15pm]
so i, like many people, was inspired to do a deep clean. I used the 1st recipe in the memories as well, but my results weren't so good. i was excited to see all the gross water (weird, right?) but i was disappointed because it wasn't really dirty at all. booo. i followed the directions and used the right amounts of everything. i can't decide if they feel any different or not. ohhhh well
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observation? [02 Jan 2009|01:48pm]
[ mood | procrastinating ]

i'm probably wrong since everyone's dreads are different.... but with my dreads i've noticed that skinny dreads get thicker, and fatties get tighter/thinner over time.

what do you all think?

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[02 Jan 2009|03:07pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

My boyfriend and I went on a sleigh ride the other evening. It was very cold! 
We also recently found out that we're having a baby *very* soon!
I always thought I'd have my dreads around when I had children but I never imagined I'd have children this soon.
Due March 19th. So much for going to India next week. *sigh*

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[02 Jan 2009|04:46pm]

My boyfriend dyed his hair for christmas so while he had his bleach out I bleached one of my dreads. I kinda like it, I might bleach a few more. I have completely virgin hair so it's nifty to see anything on my head other than dark brown. :)
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Woo! New Years Resolution 2009: I hereby commit to taking care of my new dreadies. ;D [02 Jan 2009|05:51pm]

Dreadipus Rex*, originally uploaded by geminibalance.

*Dreadipus Rex is already dead. He was later combed out and redone as our skills improved.

A very tired Sideshow BobetteCollapse )
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[02 Jan 2009|08:41pm]
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the big chop [02 Jan 2009|10:26pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

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yep i cut my hairs on new years eve/new years day. my grandmother died at 7am on new years eve morning which certainly contributed to it, but i wouldn't say is the reason. i just needed some kind of stress relief, and i realized that for someone who wonders about cutting their hair so much i'm really indecisive. i just figured life is too short to think about doing something so much and not doing it. i feel like something of a weight is lifted off of my shoulders.

unfortunately i don't have pictures that show it, but many of my locs had a white center that resembled--i imagine--a waxed loc. i figure that its a combination of baking soda and scalp flakes/dandruff. some of the very white ones were almost damp like gooey or something, which i figure is more baking soda. its so strange because i always though of my locs as being so clean. i knew that i had dandruff, but a regular washing/acv rinse schedule kept it to a manageable minimum; however, seeing it throughout many locs really grossed me out. while my hair is short i'm going to experiment with various moisturizing lotions such as shea butter and various oils. hopefully i can find a solution because i've always had intense irritated scalp and a combination of wet and dry dandruff. alot of it is really visible now since i have no hair. oh well.

cutting it helped me realize that my locs aren't as big of a deal as they became. many times i felt like i was hiding behind them or they were holding me back. now i am free! i certainly look forward to growing my hair back again and i imagine i'll let it knot up soon enough. i'll probably hang around this place to check up on all of yalls progress.

take care.

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