January 5th, 2009


Maintenance needed in NM... so so bad...

Hi Guys! I can't even remember the last time I updated, but it felt like about time. I just moved to Albuquerque, NM and I'm in desperate need of maintenance. If anyone on here is local and would be down to arrange a trade, please please please get in touch. My hair needs help, and I'd love to meet some more cool people around here.

hehe, stripey hair in SF

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I'm mostly just dealing with a lot of loose hairs around my scalp that need to be sewn in, so if you have the skyllz and the appropriate proximity, let me know :)

russian dreadlocks

Hi guys!
you know, we live in so distant northen country! but in spite of this fact, we're very bright, sunny and open-hearted. we have dready culture in our souls and look forward to share with you.
in Russia we have very special way of making dreadlocks. we just knit them, crochet, so that they look very tight. sometimes we use
extensions to make them longer.
so here we are!

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help, i'm indecisive!

I don't know what to do with my bangs. They're way too long and outta control now. I like having them because I can hide behind them, but they get annoying and fall in my line of sight all the time and i'm always messing with them. but I don't like them short either because they just get all curly.

Dread or cut or..what?

also I want to dye my hair to get rid of the fading purple that's in there, but I have no idea what color to go, i want it to be a natural color. plus, i have an odd skin tone, it's like pale as fuck and red.

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any an all advice would be appreciated :)

happy new year :)

i'm having a bit of a dread crisis again,
i'm doubting if i want to dye my dreads
i feel like nice bright colors like purple, pink and blue
but i don't want to dye all my hair only my dreads
so i'm looking for some pictures of natural blonds who have dyed dreads
who can help me?

lice scare

Okay. So I'm about 90% sure that I found a louse in my dreads last night. I had my near-OCD (aka, very thorough) mother check my hair last night and this morning, and she found nothing. Today I washed my hair with AC vinegar and did a deep clean with lemon juice and tea tree oil. My mom checked my head again this evening, and again found nothing.

What would you do in my situation?
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curly look left

Grandma, NO!

I was at my aunt's house two days ago and my grandma made a comment that Barack Obama was going to outlaw dreads on white people. I literally just started laughing out loud because she was totally serious. That very morning, my dad told me that these two comedians (Bob&Tom) on the radio were joking and saying that he SHOULD outlaw it since the comedians didn't like white people with dreads.
Silly grandma. That scares me that she'd think a president would legislate hairstyles. HAHA. I explained it to her and told her that no, the first black president isn't going to "keep those whites in their place."
I also overheard an old guy in my hometown saying that he didn't trust that Obama guy because he's got connections to the mob in Chicago. And this guy knows, because he used to work down there (in the 50s). WHAT???

Dreads, 10 months.

Me at wintermas for some relief from text-only (what do you fellow atheists call it??):
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i decided to comb out my frontest 3 dreads. i was totally missing having bangs! i've been contemplating doing it for about a week, and today, my 2 small dread bangs were getting on my last nerve. i really just didn't like the way they sat. i was always just putting them back with a bobby pin and i was sick of wearing the same hairdo every day.

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that's all for now!
i hope everyone has a wonderful day! :]
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