January 6th, 2009


so eggplantman visited this week (plus a bonus day because the busses were full, WOO!) and we bumped around the new york area. Next week, San Antonio TX to visit my dad. It will be...interesting to say the least.
Anyone have any experience being a dreadlocked vegan in texas? If anyone has any tips on good vegan places to eat in San Antonio, please let me know.

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sooo it finally happened. i have lice and i am NOT a happy camper. 
i treated it today with rid and it didn't kill all of them. i'm going to treat my head with something else tomorrow and hopefully that'll work.
if not, i will treat the next day and the day after that until the end of time because there is no way i am cutting my dreadies off.
i took all the extra precautions (washing everything, spraying my mattress and car seats with lice control spray, etc) and will continue to every time i treat my hair.

but let me tell you, lice are a pain in the ass and i want the bastards to die a painful death for making my head feel so gross.

i also had a question about getting rid of nits. there was a post about it in the memories, but the question wasn't answered very clearly. has anyone found an effective way to remove nits after you kill the adult lice?

and so it's not text only:

they're almost 3 years old! i know i've posted this before.. i really need to take new pictures. maybe after this whole lice disaster blows over.
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so the dreadhawk i started on liquordrums is doing beautifully, but one tiny short dread didn't hold. he knew that was a high possibility, as that dread was at the edge of his 'hawk & the hair had been a bit hacked into by clippers. so i said i'd re-backcomb it when he came over next, just to keep the hairs from being absorbed by other dreads, but it may or may not hold until the hair gets longer.

then this conversation ensued:

[raven] I'll try to remember to wash with dish soap before I come over to make him extra ornery...
[lish] eh not really necessary, that's VERY drying & your hair's already rough from bleach
[raven] fair enough, then
[raven] I was just surprised at how soft he was when he fell out...
[raven] heh
[ldaelnar] yah it happens, but you don't want to destroy your hair or it'll never survive getting long
* raven pauses
[lish] hahahahaha
[lish] wait
[lish] wait
* raven rereads what he just typed
[raven] *facepalm*
[lish] ahhahahahahaha
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I'm bleaching

okay my blue dye isn't bleaching out
but all of the black is
did i miss something?
anyone have input?
I used a combination of manic panic and special effects for the blue.
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Happy Belated New Years!

I have only just summoned the motivation to share some NYE pics with you all.

We decided to forgo the usual clubbing New Years and just invited a few friends round to play Singstar and get drunk. It turned out to be the best New Years I have ever had!

Here's a handful of pics:


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¿quieres dreads?

I've posted once before about a set of natural dreads I started. They lasted about a month or two before I combed them out due to less than perfect sectioning.

I spent a week in Puebla, Mexico during the holidays and got to stay in a very cultured part of town. There were the typical mercados, but some of them seemed to have a large amount of 'tribus urbanas.' They referred to themselves as rastas. I was browsing when someone asked me if I wanted dreads. I thought to myself, of course I do, but how did you know? I must have been staring... I had seen a handful of people with locked hair there, especially in these markets, but it wasn't common. I told him to let me think about it, but after exploring for a short time I decided I needed dreads back in my life. I went back, sat down, and he went to work :)

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