January 7th, 2009

i <3 derby

1 month!

I just recently posted videos and such, I hope I'm not posting too much.. I'm just super excited about the whole process. Well, the actual starting of the locks was done over the span of a week but we started everything off on December 7th so.. happy 1 month to me! Pictures under the cut and a question, featuring my favorite little lock..
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so... i know this is entirely stereotypical, but.. i was on youtube earlier looking up lauren hill and i stumbled across this. i really really enjoyed it and i thought of you guys. maybe you'll enjoy it too. and look at ziggy's dreads. awesome.

Redemption Song performed by Ziggy Marley and Lauren Hill
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okay, so i bleached my hair like a week or two ago, and i was going to start dreading it today. but my friend who use to have dreads said that i'm going to need wax because my hair is so fine.
i really don't want to use wax because i've heard nothing but bad things. so now i don't know what to do =[
BW Dreads

246 Days

246 Days

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Just a couple days shy of 8 months now. I haven't done much of anything with them the last few months other than let them be. They are washed separately from my brushable hair to avoid conditioner but I have slacked in palmrolling. That is probably a contributing factor to the flattening loopiness of a couple. It is also a bit awkward trying to reach around and roll the ones in the middle - I'm not that bendy! Either way, they'll sort themselves out in time as they mature. I just enjoy watching the progress. Few more months and my whole head will be done. :)
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Messy dreads

If I do recall there is a memorable entry in the memories about making dreads messier.  They wanted to know how to make their dreads messier (obviously).  Lish commented saying, "get a crochet hook & start pulling. you can make them loop & do all sorts of other crazy shit."

I think I'm gonna do it and see what happens.  Any yeas or nays?