January 9th, 2009

Hello :]

Hello Everyone! I have been taking pictures lately cause I just got out of a relationship, went vegan, and feeling great! Thought I'd share

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edit: dreads are 4 months :]

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I was having coffee this morning with a friend. We were sitting outside the cafe, at a table on the sidewalk. A white VW hatchback pulled up to the curb and two women got out, one of whom had long, wild dreads. "Nice dreads", I said from my chair. She smiled, said thanks, and they walked down the street. About fifteen minutes later they came back to their car, but the same one walked up to me and handed me a bead. "This is for your locks." "Thank you!" She got in the passenger side and we waved to each other as they drove off down 30th St.

I don't like buying spiritual things for myself; it feels wrong. Gifts, though, feel right. This will be my first addition.

Throw sparks, kids. You never know what you'll touch off.

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Ready for a wash?

1 week old: Front

My baby locks are 1 week old today. I spent the last two days going over each lock with a flea comb, tightening each one root-to-tip to eliminate weak, soft, or undreaded spots. I keep the comb at my desk, where I absentmindedly backcomb loose tips while I surf the web or play WoW.

I know a time will come when I have to stop fiddling with them and just let them go. I'm wondering if I should try to crochet all the loose hair in first, or let it dread up and lock in as they mature.

It's been a week and they're only a little itchy and not smelly or icky yet at all. Do you guys think they can handle their first wash?

If so, should I dunk my head in a bucket of soapy water? Pour cups of soapy water over my head? Or should I try standing under the shower and just being very careful? I see posts all the time about deep cleaning, but I rarely see any about simple washing. Pointers are greatly appreciated!

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9 months

9 months.
The gestation period for a human child.
And apparently, also for Cavale-dreads.

I don't know what it is, but all of a sudden I feel like I actually have dreadlocks.
Up to this point, I sort of felt like I was just trying them out.

I spend most of my life waiting, wanting, and planning.
Instead of doing, being, and having.
And then all of a sudden *pop* something changes and I'm sort of like... woah.

Well, my dreads just popped.

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My boyfriend and I just returned from a 3000 mile road trip of almost the whole east side of the US. I took almost 700 photo... oops, haha. So I shifted through and picked out a few good ones of my dreadies. They're 2 years and 2 months old now.

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I had planned to go out to the west coast this spring to hang out with the fabulous sciontific and get some maintenance done by lishd. With layoffs happening at the hubby's job (fortunately, he was able to keep his position) and then having them screw all the guys out of their end-of-year bonus, I realized that trip wasn't going to happen.

I desperately need some maintenance on my babies. They're over 2 years old and never really had proper maintenance. My sister helped me out a bit with them when we separated and combined over a year ago, but that was it.

Along comes a post a little while back looking for fellow dreadies in Vermont. I found meowkat and she only lives about 30 min. away! She no longer has her dreads, but had a killer set for over 4 years! She's such a sweetheart and is going to drive down to my place tomorrow to give my babies some love, share a meal with us and I'm going to help her get started on her wedding album. I can't wait to meet her!

So, for fun and also for "before" pics, I took some pics this afternoon. I had been doing a pretty good job of keeping them separated, but this past August and September, I ended up with 8 weeks of staph infection, med allergies, 6 weeks of scarring hives and other fun bacterial and fungal infections that caused me to just lay around in pain all day and my roots webbed together in the back. They need some serious love.

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I'll make sure to post "after" pics when meowkat finishes. :)

time for a change

Last time i posted i was thinking of cutting my locks and ...i did. I had my dreads for 2yrs and 12 mo. They were a huge part of my life and i loved them a lot but it was just time for a change! I am really happy with my decision. I have received a lot of different reactions a lot of people are happy I did it which i pisses me off and i get a lil defensive but oh well. any who I know for a fact that I will have locks again in the near future ( this time i want some fatties) :D oh it only took me three days too which i thought was kinda crazy and i didn't really use much conditioner either it all worked out though.
love and light to all you dreadies!
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