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I don't want to sound stupid.. [10 Jan 2009|03:26am]
but i have a question... (don't shoot me please xD)

I asked in my previous what would look good on me and i decided on a fringe + dreadhawk.. The dreadhawk won't be a problem my friend said, since she can do it for me..

However the fringe i gotta do myself and..

Here comes the problem..Collapse )
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with the brother. [10 Jan 2009|01:04pm]
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webcam pictures! yey. 6th month soon.
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Weirdest/best shirt ever [10 Jan 2009|01:37pm]
I'm always looking for good ways to keep my ears warm under a bicycle helmet. I found this shirt and it seems like it had to have been designed with dreadies in mind. Instead of a hood it just has a handband, attached the same way a hood would be, designed expressly for warm ears. Also, it causes the wearer to make Muppet faces.

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Dye job [10 Jan 2009|02:08pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I dyed my whole head for the first time since I got my dreads (about 2 years ago)

You know, I should have thought about it more, but my dreads need WAAAAAAY more dye than my silky straight hair did.

I wound up with this weird calico effect for a while, then after two redyes I think I got ALMOST all of the stupid brown spots. Ughhh.

Common sense, you can come back to me any time you'd like.

Here's a before and after, though the afters are poor quality, because unfortunately I cracked ANOTHER camera screen. Ugh.

After...Collapse )


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Just sayin' hey! [10 Jan 2009|10:17pm]
I don't comment too much, but do read GUDU every day, and my dreads are still doing great. They are just about a year and a half old now, but it seems like I've always had them. Hang in there newbies, the first six months or so is the toughest, and you may feel like giving in, but remember that the best things in life are worth working and waiting for.

Love to you all!

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