January 14th, 2009



i'm ready to dread my hair up and like the idea of a professional (or at least someone who's done it before) helping me out. i live in maine and haven't been able to find any area salons that offer this service ... is there a list of dread-oriented stylists anywhere?

Dreaded Shoot

 Did another shoot with a Dread head this afternoon. I started her dreads about 3 months ago, and I think they look great for how young they are. I get excited every time I see them. It's almost as if the were my dread babies, I get so excited. I hope she doesn't mind me posting her Pic. I don't think she will. 

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Looking for a dread buddy

Hai all. I'm really itching to get my dreads back but I was hoping to not have to do them myself again. Is there anyone here from Hamilton/Toronto area? I found one fella through memories but his LJ account was closed. Thanks!

bless this mess

I started my locks on Cinco de Mayo - most badass start date EVER!  Anyway, that means my oldest locks are a little over 8 months.  A bunch are more like 6, some are 2 or 3 months, some are only a few weeks.  Lately, I have been dreading my loose hairs into new baby dreads.  I feel like for 8 months, they aren't as "mature" as most others I have seen on this site at that age..... I don't know: Maybe because I started them so short???  err ahhh Maybe it is because I never palm roll and have never done maintenance.  Either way, this journey is one of patience and I love it.

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henna dread halo

just one picture today :) my lovely boyfriend took this yesterday when we were out walking. i love how the henna colour changes when the sun shines on my locks.
they are 17 months now.
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