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30 Months (2.5 years, 912.5 days) [15 Jan 2009|12:18am]
So my dreads turned 2 and a half on January 13th.

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This post is for the people who lose total faith in their dreads. Believe me, I've been there.
Dreads change. Sometimes they need a little help, or cutting off the waxy parts, but they do.
Patience is the greatest thing I have learned through my dread experience. I've changed as a person
and my dreads have reflected that and changed along with me. Although sometimes I feel awkward
when people say things like, "If I had dreads, they would be skinny" I just look in the mirror and think
about how attached I am personally to my dreads. I wouldn't change them for anyone.

Since getting dreads, I have
+ gotten my septum pierced
+ broken up a three year relationship
+ started a one year relationship that hasn't
finished yet
+ gotten my driver's licence
+ graduated high school
+ moved away from home

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so long time no internet but i am back with pictures a go go. [15 Jan 2009|10:19am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

 i hope you all had a fantastic new year. fancy seeing what i've been up to? more to come when i locate them...

on an unrelated but utterly splendiferous note me and a friend are going Athens next week any of you beautifuls living over there or know of any squats over there?

the butterflies in my stomach have flown up through my throat and learned to love the open air.Collapse )
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smile pretty and watch your back [15 Jan 2009|11:06am]
[ mood | grateful ]

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Quick Question [15 Jan 2009|11:57am]
Hello everyone!

I was browsing the 'combining dreads' in the memories. Saw the methods & only understood one [the easiest one]. What I chose to do is a mix of what I want and what's in the memories. I'm going to braid the smaller dreads, but not all the way up. I'm keeping my fork at the tips.

The only thing I was curious about is lasting effects. I've already started - haven't finished searching for dreads. In doing this, I'm really just sort of going to neglect these forked ends and focus on the root. Do I chance losing any of my forks? I like the idea of a fork. I have two of them that are duos because they grew thin. I did my first trio this morning.

In short, I want thicker dreads. I love my dreads, but I have ALOT and some of them are thin & I know they won't lock.

Also, I'm considering growing my hair out and starting my hair over with bigger sectioning. In terms of a 'professional look', I might look messy for a time. Right now wouldn't be the best time for it because I'm trying to find a job. But mine were started with wax and I want to do a deep clean, but also because sin_aesthetic  has these GORGEOUS thick locs that are EXACTLY like the locs I saw as a little tike that made me want them so eagerly for this past decade. So I do want to go thicker. I have been told that what I have looks awesome, but I want them thicker. Maybe not as THICK as Sin's dreads, but locs that are at the VERY LEAST half the size of her dreads.

I'll insert photobucket links to my hair currently [messy as it is]:
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really awesome natural hair salon in brooklyn [15 Jan 2009|01:40pm]
So I found this website yesterday http://www.renaissancehairtopia.com for a salon in Brooklyn and I'm completely blown away by the styles on this site. it's incredible. Here's a sample of my favorites (you can see more at the link above)

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New Tattoo ^_^ [15 Jan 2009|02:22pm]
There are some pretty rad shots of my hair in here =) And also, lots of tattooing-ness ^_^

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Dreads are one year and...oh i dunno what, like 10 days? haha.

Edit: This is just the outline. There will be shading and such later on ^_^
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[15 Jan 2009|02:35pm]
so i've been monkeying about with this "365" thing, and thus have been making use of my camera phone.

i snapped this pic this morning, and was surprised at how much hair i have now.

my dreads are just about 4 years old now.
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[15 Jan 2009|04:00pm]
Alright,like I promised, pictures of my brother's dreads :D

My brother (1 and a half years) and an updated picture of my momCollapse )
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Aah! I just got my first compliment from a stranger! :D [15 Jan 2009|06:26pm]
I've been expecting the **elbow nudge** "Hey, look at that!!" in WalMart. I got that.
I've been expecting the "Hey, mon!" I got that too... from a friend. ;p
This is something I did not expect...

Walking through the mall, I pass a kiosk demoing and selling curling, crimping, and flattening irons. Predictably, the guy running the booth tries to catch my attention, hoping to make a sale. He's a tall, bald, black guy with an accent I can't quite place... Nigerian? I'm amused that a bald dude was selling curling irons. ;p

"Excuse me, Miss? May I have a moment of your time? I want to show you something amazing!"
I tell him I appreciate the offer, but his products won't do much for me anymore.
"If you don't mind my asking, why is that?"

I grin shyly as I tug my knit hat off my head, unveiling terribly staticky, terribly fuzzy baby dreads.

His mouth hangs open for just a moment, and then a gigantic grin spreads across his face. "Wow! You look amazing!" I'm terribly flattered. I'm quite certain I blush as red as my sweater. He quizzes me a bit, asks me how long it took me to start them and how old they are, and did I do it all by myself. I tell him no, it took about 15 hours to get them started, they're three weeks old tomorrow, and I had help from my boyfriend. His grin gets bigger and bigger. "Gee, wish I could sell you one of these, but you're beautiful without them."

I am totally flattered and completely blown away.. I feel special. Someone just told me my gnarly, nappy, fuzzy babies are beautiful. Wow! **gigglesqueal**

Most flattering up-nose shot EVAR!Collapse )
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threadlocks [15 Jan 2009|06:35pm]
I made my first threadwrap because the root of one dread was always getting tangled in my industrial or my glasses. ANNOYING. It seems to have solved the problem. 

Post a picture of your threadlocks!

here's mineCollapse )

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i dont know how old they are? [15 Jan 2009|07:00pm]
So EVERYONE always asks "i thought you were getting dreads?" or "did you get rid of your dreads?" because they are apparently invisible. I'm okay with that. But they definately ARE there. I even dyed some blonde as proof of the fact. To emphasize them. hmmmm. here, what do you say?

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Just One [15 Jan 2009|07:37pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I hate cameras, hence the lack of face :]

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[15 Jan 2009|07:59pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

My dreads are 13 month old today.
They have a few hoops and i need to dye them, but still they are good. And i love them.

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Creation! Destruction! Creation! Destruction! [15 Jan 2009|09:37pm]

I asked a friend to find a place that looked good and trusted her judgment. When I came home to California from my parents' house in Wisconsin this winter, I brought back the rock collection I had as a kid. I'm going to polish them up and make them into beads to give away. :)


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