January 19th, 2009

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Silly Query?

This may be a silly question but I'm gonna ask anyway (and if it is, feel free to tell me so :P)
Has anyone here started their dreads by just shampooing (no combing) until they see where their hair naturally sections off then backcombed? I'm curious because that's how i want to do this set. I have curly thick hair and every other time I've dreaded I always noticed the sectioning was off. A lot of the hair didn't want to be where they were. They wanted another dread. Anyway, I've decided that since I'm out of conditioner I'm gonna start my new set. I have a little left of Dr. Bronner's from last time. so here we go!

I'd love to post pictures here whenever it is i figure it out. I just figured out today that my computer can copy CDs (i am so no computer savvy)
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Combed out three problem locks the other day. Its neat seeing how much some of them have shrunk. I can't keep my hands off the softness so no backcombing just yet. I'll probably end up letting it tangle naturally.

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fuck yeah!
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More evidence against root flipping.

Thought I would update about my last post on the maitenance I did on a guys hair.

His dreads did not need to be split (thank god!) but they did need major maintenance on loose hair. 5 months previous to seeing me he had gone to a salon and a woman spent 7 hours doing only god knows what. She had obviously flipped a few roots, not once, but over and over and over. The poor guy had beautiful dreads, up to a point, and then these tiny weak braided parts before thickening out again where he had the 5 months worth of growth. I probably could have unflipped them if I had seen it earlier, but they had kinda fused together and so nothing could be done about these parts. He is just going to have to grow them out.

I really wanted to take pictures of these areas of his dreads for the memories so people could see what effect root flipping has on hair if left and not recified, but alas, my friend has borrowed my camera.

My mainenance took 3 hours, and he said it looked way better than what the woman had done to him. She had also cut some of his dreads at the root, and now he has odd bald looking patches where he has got to grow out some hair to re section. We are going to wait and see what can be done about this as he didn't want to grow seperate dreads in these areas like I suggested.

So be warned. Do NOT go to salons unless you know someone with awesome dreads who visits them. And do not let ANYONE flip your dreads.

some questions about natural dreads

I decided that this year I would stop fighting with my hair and let it do its thing. Less than 3 weeks in and I have a few clumps that resemble dreadlocks and a lot of loose messy hair. I've been wearing it in a loose bun, but that's creating a giant knot in the back of my head.

Is it a bad idea to wear my hair like this? I really can't think of anything else to do with it right now. I usually wore it like this before I started growing dreads just because my hair is so unmanageable. When I'm not out in public, i wear it down or tucked up into a hat so it's not like that all the time. It's going to be a long time before my hair looks decent, so I need to figure out a good way to wear it in the meantime.

I do want big, uneven dreads, but not one giant one. Should I wait until whatever's going on on the back of my head forms and try to pull it apart or should I be doing something now?

why not the flip dread through their roots!!

i had flipped 2 dreads through their roots when they were about 2 months i only flipped 2 cause i wanted to see what happends...befor i found this site lol but i only had them fliped through for only a week and my root is not trashed theyr now almost 5 months and after only after 1 week of having them fliped 3 months ago this is what it did :/
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o yea anyone live around milwaukee??? i have LOTS of loose hair looking to get some maintence thanks

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Hey all....

Just wanted to put a quick note out there about pictures.

I love that we all share here and that we gain inspiration and motivation from each other when it comes to our dreadies. This is one of the most amazing, informative and active communities I've ever been on. For the most part, we all get along really well here and it's a true testament that even though we come from different walks of life, we can find a common ground. It's awesome.

It's also very flattering to find that someone loves your picture enough to want to save it and go back to it again and again to find inspiration.

It's important to realize, though, that each of the photos that are posted here belong to someone. They are automatically copyrighted to the person that takes them. They're "intellectual property" of the person that takes them. I know that many of us share publicly here on this community, but that also doesn't mean that our photos are a free-for-all.

I know that many of us would find it very flattering and exciting to know that our pictures are ending up on photostreams on Flickr, Photobucket, etc. but it's also against the LJ Terms of Service to take these pics and post them on public photostreams without permission from the owner of the picture. It's also against Flickr's Terms of Service, as well. And I have to admit....it's a little odd finding pictures of ourselves on someone's photostream without even knowing they're there. :)

I say this in the nicest way possible and not to chide anyone here. Think of it as a friendly FYI. :) Again, it's flattery to me to know that some of my pics are ending up on people's photostreams. But...it would be nice (and most of you know that I'm all about the nice)...and also the right thing to do...to ask permission first before putting someone else's photos on your photostream.

All it takes is a quick and friendly comment in our posts here on the community. After all, you're already on here looking at our photos and saving them, so just pop us a quick comment asking permission. I'm sure that most of us would give it. I know I would....if I were only asked. :) Some might not, though, and it would suck to get reported to Flickr or LJ for copyright infringement. :)

Now....back to sharing those lovely pics!

And so that this isn't text only....

This is one of my favorites as far as texture goes. All the new growth is WAVY. My hair is BONE straight. But most all of the new growth on every dread is coming in wavy. I love it. It makes for interesting texture.

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It's my turn to have the newbie freak-out. :(

I watched this community something around a year before I finally started my dreads. I wanted to see the good, the bad, and the ugly before I decided if this was right for me. In that time, I saw many, many newbies post about "ZOMG! My hair is doing this weird thing! Is that normal? Will they be okay? Waaaauuuugh!!" Inevitably, the comments were filled with messages of "Calm down. Your hair looks beautiful! Don't worry, they'll lock up with time." (I love the easy-going, supportive, and uplifting atmosphere here!) In time, I learned that there is little to be afraid of when it comes to baby locks. They'll fuzz, they'll unravel a bit, they'll point in strange directions, etc., but they'll likely lock up just fine with time.

Yes, well.

Now that I'm the newbie, everything seems more intense. I find myself scrutinizing my own head in the mirror, wondering if my hair will ever stop doing this weird thing, and is that normal? Will they be okay? Wwaaaaaaauuugh! My logic brain remembers the cool, relaxed wisdom of "Just let 'em be. They'll be fine with time!" but I'm still a little wigged out.

So now it's my turn to ask for reassurance and advice. I'm worried my babies will never grow to be as beautiful as so many I've seen here. :/

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Ok, a question.

Hey guys.

I'm talking to a friend who's a hairstylist in training (first year, finishing up her finals at the moment), and we got around to talking about dreads. She asked me if I could show her lish's website, so I did.
Then she said that lish was completely wrong - I'm ... wow. I really have no comment right now. From all of the dreads I've seen lish start, they've all had WONDERFUL results. Then she goes on to dis the prodecure on how lish dyes hair. (She says that it all should be left up to professionals - and obviously lish has had a lot of experince and all of the pictures I've seen are really wonderful, honestly.) She also asked me if lish had a license - I said I had no idea because I haven't seen anything about it anywhere and I don't want to assume. I don't mean you any offence, Lish, but I just was really taken aback by her snappy reply on IM and I had no idea how to reply to all of her comments.

She tells me that the proper way to start dreads is to use beeswax. I know - I'm not a dreadhead, but I'm trying to plan something so lish could dread my hair - that wax is bad. I'm just typing out this entry here because I'm completely CONFUSED right now. I know she goes to school (that school she attends imo is a shitty school; I had a really bad experince with a haircut from one of the stylists in training, so did a few of my friends), and is learning about all those things.

I just want some honest answers here, from people who actually have experince with this sort of things because my friend has only been in school for a short period of time (less than a year) and acts like a know-it-all.

I can delete this journal if it isn't permitted here.

To dread or not to dread?

Hi everybody!
So ever since I saw a lady in San Fransisco ( 2 years ago or something ) with dreads, I have considered dreading my hair.
My sister (girlecho26) has dreads now, and that has made me want them even more.
I'm planning to do it in the end of May because I am in High School, and I would rather have them mature over summer break.
My hair is wavy/curly so I'm thinking my hair would dread pretty easily.
I think I'm going to have the same lady who did my sister's dreads do mine, but I have some questions first:
My hair is layered in 3 layers, the shortest one about 6 inches. This wouldn't be a problem, right?
Also, does anyone know how much shorter my length would be, or is that a wait and see kind of thing?
Here are some pictures of my hair right now....[it'll get a couple inches longer before may though]

Thanks for your help!

oh boy.. hope this is appropriate

pls let me know if i should take this down but it is concerning dreads...

i was wondering if dreads have helped, hurt, or havent affected your sex life.  i mean, (i hope this isnt too much info) but my husband took a little while to get used to my dreads when i first got them. he was supportive and all, but it wasnt necessarily a turn on, ya know? now its like his outlook has totally changed and he couldnt imagine me without them.

i think there are times, even when you are a very confident person, that it can hurt the confidence a little if your spouse or partner isnt on the same page with you.  and for some i'm sure it does take a while. anybody wanna relate/share their thoughts on this? 

for me, i've thought dreads are sexy since i was in middle school. of all things, i thought dreads would heighten my sexiness ya know? hah, but for some people it does the opposite. any comments?
dreadie bettie

heres a bunch of pictures cause im really bored.

so let me give you a little bit of my dread history. when i was in 6th grade i had my mom twist and flat iron my hair to make it look like i had dreads for my dance class pictures.lol. i always wanted dreads but wasnt allowed.my parents are very closed minded. ive always been a 'free spirit' in the family. so during my highschool years i had my hair dreaded on and off not lasting longer than like two months before my mom would finally make me comb my hair. then senior year came when i knew i was turning 18. SO SWEEET i was like yeah dreads mom and dad cant tell me what to do. so like 2 days before my birthday (may8) i had my friend april dread my hair at my grandmas. thinkin they wouldnt see my hair til after my birthday and couldnt say anything, cause they would always say "if you want to dread your hair when you turn 18 and move out then you can!" the night before my birthday alot of shit went down when my mom saw my hair. alot of stuff was thrown. there was a hole put into my wall from my dad. alot of screaming and yelling. my room was ripped apart. i wasnt allowed to touch any of my things but they wouldnt let me leave. i had to sleep on the couch in the downstairs my parents didnt want me walking through THEIR house. so the next morning i had to put all my stuff in garbage bags and april picked me up where we went on a birthday adventure to cheer me up! Collapse )
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