January 21st, 2009

caffienated dready

Before I Go On ..

I need some opinions/advice.

I started one experimental dread last night [backcombed & rolled]. My questiong is about the amount of hair I'm using. Does it look too thin? Too thick? Ultimately, I don't want fat dreads, but then again, I don't want to make them so thin that I have to worry about them snapping off [like some of the stories I've read].

Thanks in advance for your help. ♥

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Spray Mixtures

I've been reading the memories about mixtures to spray , or put in your hair.
Could you just save time and make one solution where you dilute lemon juice, tea tree oil, and sea salt in water?
That seems like it would be so much easier..but does anyone have something against putting it all together?
Thanks :)
connor oberst

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well shortly i will be coming up on my one year. i'm going to do a time line, of coarse.
but until then--- a picture of dexter and i! lil guy is getting so big. :) well as "big" as he can get. it's only up to 8 lbs... heeheehee

i can't believe it's been that long!