January 22nd, 2009



I have finally gotten them done today, the ends are a bit tempermental, they don't seem to want to dread yet, I'm sure they will in time, but any advice on what to do with them when I take the rubber bands off would be great (also advice on WHEN to take the rubber bands off the ends)

So without further ado:

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after doing a deep clean for my dreads in the sink last night, i remembered something

when you dunk your hair into the water, oxygen/air bubbles, as microscopic as they might be, will obviously try to rise and escape the dreads,  just as lifting soaked hair out of the water should draw fresh air into the dreads from the gravity of the liquid dropping into the sink... in the same way the stale air from the soil of potted plants is replaced with fresh air when you fill a water tray, let the plant soak in the tray, and lift it out, the gravity pull created by the excess water draining out the bottom pulls fresh air in from the top...

When you imagine that kind of movement could happen deep inside your dread from dunking for a while, and lifting them out, letting the water run, and then dunking again, over and over. All the tiny air bubbles would be creating movement inside dreads, with air being forced out, and being sucked in again...

basic laws of physics i think..

i just wonder...

what do you think?



3 months!

My dreads will be 3 months on Saturday, but i am uber bored right now. :]

A bit image-heavy
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i hope all of you GUDUer's have a wonderful Thursday :]
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1 year 2 months-ish

I kept meaning to do a year timeline, but I really just haven't felt like getting all of the pictures together!  Perhaps I will still do so at some point, but for now I will just post a before picture, one right after I got them done, and then what they're looking like now.

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There are two things I want to do to my hair:
Condition it
Dye a few of them like a rainbow

My dreads have been feeling extra scratchy and crunchy lately so I was thinking of using a recipe from the memories (1/4 cup olive oil + 1/4 cup hot water) Do you think this would work out ok?

I'm kinda hoping that Lish will see this post and tell me if it's plausible to dye dreads like that. I've read her webpage about it but what I'm really going for here is some magical insight.

I've read the memories.
I'm looking for pearls of wisdom.
And if I missed anything in the memories feel free to direct me to it.

My dreads are around six months now. There are some bare spots in the sides that I try not to let bother me too much. And some loose hair that I'm just gonna leave be.


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Places to get dredded? places not to? etc.

Allo I'm kinda new here, and I've basically been lurking up until now. I looked through the memories, and thought it would be helpful if there was somewhere that everyone would suggest a salon or a person from home that does dreds that they would recommend, and who they wouldn't recommend, for each area. basically a list of people/salons that are good with dreds either creating-wise or maintainence-wise. EDIT: I didn't read the memories well enough! =P

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If you got your dreads done by someone you would or wouldn't reccomend in your area (state that specifically!), or if you know someone who got dreads done/maintained, what is the name of the place, possibly address or number, and location? (only post info of private persons with permission from them.) You can post yourself if you really want to, but discretion is advised. your putting your info on the interwebs for anyone to see. Average price would be nice if you know what it may cost.

Something like this would be awesome to have in the memories.
If you post info, I can put as a list here, or in a new post only about locations.

EDIT: If this has already been done before or if mods want, you can take it down. Just thought it would be a good idea :]