January 23rd, 2009

i <3 derby

Darn near close to 2 months.

I have infrequent bursts of posting, which gives you a taste of my schedule haha. But anyways.. my little lockies will be 2months around February 9th.. but that just so happens to be smack dab in between my son's 1st Birthday party and his actual 1st Birthdate so I'm posting now because I know I'll forget later.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments you always give me, I swear I'm gonna be more active in comments, I do read pretty much every post on here. So without further ado..
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Today after washing I palmrolled for the first time in AGES, and after wishing for length in my locks and either I haven't noticed it until now, or a miracle happend! (I probably just didn't notice it. Haha!)

My locks about a year ago.

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Don't you love the fuzzies after a wash? =/