January 24th, 2009


Questions ABOUT answers.

So today as I was doing maintenance, I used scuncis to hold my hair. As I finished 1 of the 2 mickey mouse pigtails I had up, I realized that I saw the exact size of dreads I want when I combine them. Now I know that rubber bands are bad, but I was never sure as to why. Does that have something to do with breakage or what?

And another thing. I was reading the memories about the sewing. Is it literally taking thread & just wrapping the locs together? Cuz I know where I could get thread, but I was just unsure about exactly what to do with it.

What I was thinking of doing was using 3 loosely bound rubber bands on each set of locs and continue palm-rolling until they were at least able to hold onto each other. I wasn't sure how long it'd take, but I was assuming maybe 1-2 months depending on how long it took for the individuals to hold.

shed my bits

one of my bleach-damaged dreads finally broke in half, and i have no idea where the broken end went! ew.

i fear it's on the floor at the cafe.


no makeup today, as i am 90% of the week.

lesson: cut your damn dread or repair it when it is clearly breaking. don't try to "hang onto it" due to your, "it's not that bad" reasoning and/or desire to maintain it's length.
han solo

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I'm reposting this picture... my dreads were maybe a month-ish?

But the main point is that it's the only picture with my dreads and my kitty. He passed on today, and I just feel like sharing. Only 10, and such a beautiful cat.

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I'll miss him dearly. =(