January 26th, 2009

noob with a dread hawk

 thought id post to say hi im completely new to dreading lol. got them done with help from a freind a week ago and their going ok but the roots are really loose but from what iv read i pretty much have to wait it out any suggestions would be great
by the way i haven got any wax in these any more wax seemed to make them fall apart.

so just thought id say hi to the community

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they are bothering me!

theres something about my hair that is literally doing my head in; my part/bald spot.

I never noticed it before the bleaching/ginger incident so im not sure whether it was there before. its not so much the bald spot as it is the fact that there seems to be a huge gap between the start of my fringe and the start of my dreads with a penny sized hairless part in the middle., it makes me really paranoid to the point where i wont go out without a head band on, is there anything that can be done about them? i searched the memories but it only really gave information about why bald looking spots are there and not how to get rid of them. suggestions please! spray on hair? is there a hair colour they show up less on? or should i just stop bitching and accept them as part of my hair?

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  • sere118

some pictures : )

So I have a ton of fun pictures on my camera but I somehow lost the cord for it (I always thought it was weird when people lost their cords, like I assumed they stayed pretty stationary plugged into your computer most of the time.  But alas here I am, lost cord and all, so I totally understand now.)  Anyways, here are some I took with my webcam cause I was bored : )
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Thats not right...

I have had my dreads for a grand total of 5 days...

They looked fairly good when I first got them put in.

But today I washed my hair and they are falling out, I palmrolled some in the shower because they were a bit poofy and quite flat, but those dreads are pretty much normal hair now...

I used the shampoo I got from DreadHeadHQ, and I thought that it should be fine. I'm thinking that I should re-backcomb the front ones, and give it a bit longer before washing my hair again, maybe this time use a different shampoo, but my boyfriend says that the back ones are loosening as well...

Any Help Please?

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  • toddidi

Fed up with me ends!

well i'm nearing 7 months and getting a bit fustrated now.
After our poor attempt at backcombing it all fell out and its took a long time to get the hair to resemble anything approaching dreads but its slowly has got there, well most of it.
I am having trouble with my ends... or i say ends its about the last half inch on most and up to 1 1/2 inches on some dreads. I posted back early/mid december as i was really chuffed with them because for once they had started resembling dreads and they haven't changed since well the dreaded bits have got tighter.....
I realise patience is the key but there hasn't been any movement since and i'm getting a but fustrated.
The ends are really scraggy and i've started back to work (so far just a few disapproving looks from above.... :) ) but they are too short to tie up properly and too scraggy to wear on view and my hair is hurting from being shoved away in a scarf.

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  • _naners

(no subject)

so last time i posted, i asked everyone to post their dreads at the moment. this time, post a picture of your dreads at a very early stage, and then now!

mine is in the comments.


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...just mushin' around.
(no, really, it's fung)*

*(oh god, i'm so sorry. but lordy, we sure thought it was hilarious?!?!?! O.o)
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