January 27th, 2009


I've literally wanted them for 8 years >.>

I'm kinda scared though, I'm not sure I can pull them off. which seems sort of silly, now that I read it..

but none the less.
I love seeing you brave people's amazing hair.

Dreads are SEXY.

I am thinking of dreadin my hair but leaving my bangs out, since I loathe my forehead.
I think I'm going to wait for my hair to be longer though, because I've always fantasized about waist long dreads.

My biggest love is platinum-white dreads. OMG. so hot.

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journalface sent me some lovely warm stuff she made - two hats from a merino/cashmere blend, & a wrap from merino. they're beautifully constructed & super soft, & of course i'm going to show them off. my dreads are fifteen months old now.

i like how this pigtail hat makes my dreads almost heart-shaped from the back.

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thanks again, katie! http://twohills.etsy.com
(& if anyone sees these on her etsy, don't sweat it - i told her already she can steal them for advertising if she likes. :D )

caffienated dready

One Day Old

I had to do them by myself & it was a bit of a challenge. I can foresee a lot of palmrolling in my future. But I'm so excited, that after years of talking about it ... I've finally started them! I need to recruit someone to redo a few in the back though for sure.

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I also have a question: My hair is a lot finer than I thought, so the ends are pretty wispy. I'm planning on holding off on the washing for at least a week [if not more] & rolling the hell out of it in the meantime. This will help them hold better, right? Also, during this time, what can I do to 'freshen' my hair [like from cooking smells, smoke, etc.]? Is that what the salt water spray is for?

Any helpful comments/suggestions are appreciated. ♥
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memories post: etsy shops

please take a moment to comment with your favorite dread-related etsy shop - yours or someone else's.

also, feel free to post pics of any dread-related merch you've purchased on etsy. (permanent pics only, please, or risk looking stupid later with your [x] dead link.)