January 31st, 2009


New dreads finally! (and a question about sectioning)

I'm finally starting my dreads this weekend! YAY!

I've been reading the memories and looking at pictures and getting myself psyched up to start dreads for months now. I've wanted them for years, but I'm kind of impatient and didn't really want to wait out the fluffy/messy stage. But, obviously, there's no way to get the awesome dreads without doing the waiting. And the post from a few days ago with the then/now pics really helped. Some of those people with really messy babies ended up having totally gorgeous locks. I'm just going to have to save that post so I can look at it when I'm feeling down about what mess my head is.

I'll have to remember to take lots of pics so I have something for my own timeline later. :)

After reading all through the memories, I still have a bit of a question about sectioning though. I get that I don't want to do a grid or brick pattern, and that a more natural honeycomb type pattern is going to produce better looking dreads. I'm a little confused about section size though. My hair is thick and wavy, but fine, and I want to end up with something on the thinner side of medium dreads when I'm done (although I do get that in the end they'll do whatever they want and that's ok). In the memories, people have anywhere from 4-110 dreads, and they all look totally different so I'm not even sure if I should aim for a certain number (like 40-45) or if it's better to just stick with a certain section size and just be surprised about the final number. And if so, what size section? Do I want a quarter size, or a 2 inch section, or is there a good guideline? Like medium sized dreads start from approximately 1 inch sections or something? I read all through the memories on this and still can't figure it out.

I kind of need to be really specific because my friend and boyfriend are helping and have never done dreads before, so I'd love to have everyone on the same page when we start. I'd like to get it right the first time so we don't have to resection a bunch.

I dunno. I know that dreads are about being relaxed and letting them form on their own and all, but I have no idea what I'm doing and I really want to get them off to a good start. I tried dreads once and they were a mess (lots of wax!) and I ended up shaving them after 2 months or so. I'd love to get them right this time so I can love them for years to come.

Sorry for blathering on. I'm really excited!
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1 year, 1 month and a bit

Alright, so after learning that my boyfriend is basically a sociopath who had been leading a double-life and cheating on me... I decided that I needed to feel good about myself and make myself pretty and take some dread pictures this morning. My piece of crap now-ex was the one to take all of my pictures before, and he's wiped out his entire flickr account so I basically don't have any pictures now for the first year of their development any more. Boourns.

But on a plus side, they're finally starting to get some length.
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Hi! I'm Jas from Singapore. When I'm bored, i do stuff fro my dreads some friends told me its chaotic whats happening on my head. ( They call it Squido)
Wells here a picture of it, it will be exactly 5 mths old tmr! :D

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Hey everyone!

I am aspiring to be bedreaded, but I was planning on waiting until summer because I'll be near the ocean, and also I'm kind of worried I'll get fired from my job for coming in with poofs for hair.

however, my hair does not agree with that plan, and has started dreading itself in the underpart. It does this all the time, and I usually just sort of lacklusterly brush it out. It might have gone too far at this point though.

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so my question...
should I just dread that part?
what will happen?
Can I hide that with the top hair?

I'm very happy to have found this community, you guys all seem to be good friends and very supportive. Hoorayyy
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