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FLIPPY PIX!! [01 Feb 2009|01:35am]
As requested, and partially because I need a distraction, I decided to join in on the flippy fun. Sort of literally, too. =)
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Flippy pictures! [01 Feb 2009|12:50pm]
[ mood | amused ]

my neck hurts from rocking out so you better like themCollapse )

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Suggestionz!!! [01 Feb 2009|01:42pm]
I'm ready to combine. Like now. Like as in as soon as I'm out the shower having washed my hair. Since I twist/palm roll, should I just pick out the sections of locs that I want to combine and just go for it or should I let my roots grow out & just rip from there? I wish I had a job already, because I've been considering undoing my hair [possibly cutting half of each dread] and starting over a bit more natural.
Or saving money after I get a job & hit Lish up.

Whichever came first, ya know?
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1 year [01 Feb 2009|06:10pm]
[ mood | awake ]

turned 1 a few days ago..Collapse )

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*woosh-thunk* [01 Feb 2009|09:54pm]
[ mood | silly ]

^ That's the sound of me flipping my hair around. The 'thunk' being one of the chunky silver beads whacking me in the eye. ;-)

Well, I'm not often one for internet bandwagons, but I got a new camera and the image stabiliser stuff on it needed testing sometime, so... here's me flinging my dreads around whilst trying to hold my camera, having not gotten used to the timer mode! They're coming up to two and a half years old next month. Click them for bigger versions!

Whoosh...Collapse )

Also, If anyone remembers, I posted when I dyed my hair end of November, here - and I'm actually quite impressed, looking at it, with how well it's stayed in. For veggie dye, anyway. I thought it'd be nearly washed out before my roots started growing out!

Edited to add:
For those asking/wondering, the dye is by a UK brand called Directions (although I'm pretty sure they distribute it internationally so Google should have more info), and the shade is 'Pillarbox Red'. It's just a veggie dye, not permanent, although it does seem to be lasting pretty well. Also, the colour in my photos is just the dye, I didn't bleach or lighten it before - and my natural colour can be seen in my roots, haha! I'm not saying it's the best dye ever because I haven't tried many others, so I'm not trying to promote it, but there's the info. Oh, and the pots are quite little that it comes in, it took 4 to do mine. I think that's all!

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Dreams [01 Feb 2009|10:32pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I am really paranoid that when I put my hair in a pony tail tightly or rip them apart to separate them that I am weakening the roots and my locks will fall out someday. So I had this dream and then a lucid dream right after that 6 or so of my locks had fallen out! I "woke up" from my first dream into the lucid dream where I realized that my dream was not a dream and got really sad/scared/desperate but then decided that I couldn't do anything about this and told myself to go to sleep because that would help. When I re-awoke I checked my head and all of my hair was there. WooHoo! but so uncool of my brain to be so awful. Has anyone experienced a dream like this? I think it is similar to the teeth falling out dream.

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Flippy Pictures [01 Feb 2009|10:43pm]
Oh man, that was more fun that I thought it would be. Flippy pictures for your viewing pleasure.Collapse )

PS. They're about a year and 5 months now.
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Flippies and more [01 Feb 2009|11:20pm]

I didn't think I'd be able to get any good photos when I realized that a friend of mine took a couple on a ski trip my lab went on a couple weeks ago. listen to the voice that says 'alright'Collapse )

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