February 3rd, 2009


dreads n hoops

Well hello fellow dreadophiles. I've posted some of my hoop dancing pictures here before, but I recently took my first video the other day and erikaerin was encouraging me to post it here.

I was super nervous and it was a very limited 4ft x 4ft area so there are a few mistakes, but you can see my dreads so it counts, right?!

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I've had my dreads for over 7 years now, and just recently added the brown and orange, which I've grown to loveloveLOVE! :D I've only been hooping since last June, but I'm addicted, so if there is interest, I might take and post more videos.

I love being a part of GUDU and sneeky peeky spying on you guys with your dreadlock progress. Thanks for being around!

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Feel like I'm having a 'good dread day' for the first time EVER (prob because I did a ton of mantainence a minute ago)

Roughly 2 weeks old.

The snow melted today :(
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So, my dreads will be 6 months in about 2 weeks. I wasn't very good at documenting month 5 because I've been very busy(/lazy) lately, but here are a couple pictures other people have taken of me in the past month that accurately portray the progression of my dreads ;)

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don't wanna post some snow pictures cuz here in russia it's rather usual and i'm sick of it)
waiting for spring!

they are about 2.5 years old
if you are interested in my dreadworks - welcome to my livejournal =)

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