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My second set! [04 Feb 2009|08:06am]
So after sitting around and waiting for my hair to grow after I said goodbye to my first set, I realized how much I missed my dreads.

so this is what I did last night :DCollapse )
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3 months! [04 Feb 2009|11:51am]
 Yeah I know, not such an exciting milestone, but I had some fun photos to share.

Costume ball fun! Home made mask.

More photos this wayCollapse )

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for all you dandruff queens and kings [04 Feb 2009|01:12pm]
i've always had really terrible dandruff, and im always looking for something to fix it. i've done apple cider vinegar rinses, black tar shampoo, head and shoulders and they work for a while and then stop working. i decided to try some of the pet shampoo my brother bought for his dog and it worked awesome! my scalp feels great! it says that its deep cleansing, removes scabs and crusts, antibacterial and antifungal. it's called vet solutions. here's one place you can get it. its pretty pricey but it worked. i've also used soap with banana extract in it with pretty good results.

take care yall.
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The dreads are One year and two days old [04 Feb 2009|02:05pm]
Feb 2nd 2008, after two weeks of backcombing and sectioning all on my own, I finally finished my whole head. I spent weeks treating them like they were newborn infants in ICU. I then took a deep breath and just let them go.. I allowed them to do what they wanted and I tried to not mess with them as much as possible. I knew I would get to the year mark, I just never knew how fast I would reach it. Its almost like I blinked and the babies were turning one.

The dreads have been through hell and back with me. They have been there to see the best time in my life and the worst. I haven't had the urge to cut them off yet and I don't know if or when I ever will. I just know that I want to wake up on day and have them fall past my shoulders, I want to wrap them up in beautiful fabric, I want to add wool to them along with little treasures and most of all, I want people to start to notice that you can be and are beautiful with knotted hair and flyaways because it is after all just hair..

The dreads are one year and two days old today.
It went by so fast..Collapse )
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they're coming along... [04 Feb 2009|04:01pm]
9 months and counting!

4 moreCollapse )

My hair was super layered before, so it's funny how some dreads are so much longer than others.

I've been growing fond of dreadhawks lately... I guess I'll add it to my list of things to do after I leave my stuffy corporate job. :)
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[04 Feb 2009|06:10pm]
thought I'd share this pic

I look rubbish but hairs
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[04 Feb 2009|07:01pm]
its been a very long time since ive been on here
im guessing around a year..
so my dreads are over three years now  but i haven't got any extremely recet pictures
these are from this summerCollapse )

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Dreadtease [04 Feb 2009|07:35pm]
Hey guys, I hate to be a dreadtease here... but I'm just SO DAMN EXCITED. I did my first little dread baby tonight!
a few moreCollapse )
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[04 Feb 2009|09:14pm]
So I made a lot more dreadcoils today.. I'll promise this will be the last time of me posting these, from now on people can see if I made any new dreadcoils on my journal and on my myspace page http://www.myspace.com/shrijani

Handmade dreadcoils for sale!

DreadcoilsCollapse )

And to stay slighty on topic..
here are some more photo's of me and my dreadsCollapse )
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