February 7th, 2009

Hey, long time no post!

Photobucket and Livejournal decided they didn't like each other anymore and for some reason wouldn't work when I tried to post pictures. Well, I have figured out what the problem was and I have come to share some pics!! I have a new favorite dreadstyle!
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Jobs in health care.

Hey everyone!! Tonight I'm finally getting my hair dreaded by two of my friends. But I was just wondering if anyone here works in the health care field. and if having dreads is a hinderance in finding a job in that field or if it made no difference. I'm going to school to be a CNA and someday want to be a nurse. I mean I just wanna take care of sick people so I'm hoping dreads arent too big a problem in this field....not that it'll stop me from pursuing work in this field I'm just curious.
BTW I did check the memories but found only one response in which they worked in health care.
thanks so much!!

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After looking around online and digging through the memories, I decided it was time to ask here. First, some background information: I have short, black hair which I've been growing since late summer. Right now, it's a bit shorter than 2 inches long. So, after some consideration, I decided that I wanted to start dreading my hair. I think my hair might not be long enough for backcombing, I can't use the neglect method, and I don't want to put chemicals in my hair. Now, here's where I start getting curious. With my hair being as short as it is, can I actually start dreading my hair, possibly using a twist method? I've heard that wax is evil, so what could I use? What about rubber bands? I can be neurotic about my hair sometimes, which usually results in my cutting my hair kind of often... but I'm willing to be patient about dreads.
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