February 9th, 2009


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Hellooo beautiful people of GUDU land
I dont have dreads just yet, i am having a bit of trouble finding somebody to do them for me. None of my friends want to incase they ruin my hair, which is understandable. I am getting impatient, i have been waiting for my dreads for so long! So i have been thinking of just doing them myself, but im not sure how it will go. I was wondering, how many of you did your own dreads and how difficult it was? Im thinking im going to struggle to section it. And im kind of worried im going to do them, and then hate them. I need you guys to give me the motivation! I have been reading memories, but id like to hear any and all personal feedback!!

While im here, a photo of my beautiful friends babies.

I love all his wraps! And all the bottle caps, cryastals, shells, etc he has attached in there. Makes them so much more fun to play with :D

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The hubby hung long curtains across the large door way that goes into my studio. It makes for a great backdrop for snapshots. :)

Oh, oh, oh.....I know that many of you have Etsy shops or online shops selling your handmade goodies. I'm a contributor for a new online e-zine called Homespun Oasis. It's all about homemade, handmade, going green, healthy eats, reviews, give-aways, etc.

If any of you are interested in having your Etsy shop reviewed, we'd love to include you and give you more exposure. Three of the 6 contributors (including myself) are dread heads, so we'd love to pass on the exposure to fellow dreadies. :) Check out the site and let us know if you want to be reviewed!

Flippin' Loopy

Hey fellow dreadies,

My dreads are now a little over 13 months old.  I was always under the impression that loops were generally something that happened around the 6 months stage... and then by around a year or so they sorted themselves out.  I've found from experience that this wasn't the case - for me at least.  I don't have a single dread that is smooth.  Now don't get me wrong, cus I am very fond of my bumpy dreads... but there are certain areas that do get on my nerves sometimes. 

There are bumps, big thick loops of hair, and little ones that consist of what looks like only 15 hairs or something.  But they are all impossible to crochet in... so that's out of the question.  There is one post in the memories about sewing the dread through the loop, but I'm not really interested in doing that.  I'm also not really into putting wraps in my hair right now, but could possibly be pursuaded if it really works well! 

What I have tried is crocheting (which doesn't work), palm rolling after showers, and rotating beads on some of the more "annoying" loops (though I  never leave them on for long becasue I doubt it really does anything for my loops anyways).

So... if you still have loops by the time your dreads are 13 months old... does that mean that you'll always have them?  Is there anything I can do?  I won't be bummed out if there isn't.  I love my dreads... I'd just be interested in learning some alternative methods to aid loop absorbtion that may have not been mentioned in the memories. 

Oh!  And here's some pictures of some of the offending dreadies. 
(PS.. I think I might be getting a camera for my bday yayyy)

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All of my dreads look like this to some degree. 

Aaaaaaand.... I'm kinda late for the flippy thing, but I thought I'd hop on board anyways :D 
I don't know why mine turned out so creepy haha...
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snow white is dead


i just couldnt resist taking more pictures of my dreads today. its raining, and everything feels perfect and right and my dreads are fantastic. i'd like to share :]

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a hard choice.

I guess you could say I'm going through a sort of dread-crisis right now.
almost a month ago, my girlfriend and I broke up (through no fault of hers.) It hit me hard, obviously, so I reverted to my habits of changing my appearance after a breakup, as do many people. I've been contemplating combing out my dreads. they are only five months old and they saw a very rough start (not enough backcombing and shitty sectioning), but I have attached a very feminine, earth-bound power to them. I feel like myself with them-and although I am sure other hair may have an effect that I find similar, nothing will match my dreads.
here is my problem: my dreads are young, and they haven't been done very well. I don't know if I should get rid of them now and do them later when there isn't so much emotional residue attached to them (and get them done by someone who knows a little more about dreadlocks) or if I should keep them and power through my weakness.
there are sections in the dreads that are quite braid-ish from over crocheting. I read up my fair share on dreads before I got them, but of course, it being my first set, there were things I definitely did wrong. I've created a pros and cons list and I'm posting some pictures, and I want some help on my decision.
the question isn't really "dreads or no dreads," it's more about "dreads now or later"

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Leopard Queen
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Partial dreads?

Great community! Lots of dreadlocked sexiness. ; )

I come as a new kid with a question...do any of you have only parts of your hair dreaded? Y'see, I have this reeeeeeeally kinky patch of hair on the top/back of my head that would be perfect for dreads. The rest of my hair is silky and nice except for this one patch...it's actually dreaded up on its own before which put the idea of having just a few dreads in my mind. Is it possible to have just a few dreads without the rest of my hair trying to join the party? Would it even look good?

If anyone has hair like this or inspirational pictures I'd love to see. =)

Favorite dread?

 Everyone post a photo in reply of their most favorite dread!

I'll start!

It started out as one about about 2 months later decided to become to. THey're still together because as my hair grows out, it decided to one again.


picture time!

hello lovely people of GUDU :D

i'm currently very happy as i just got a job i've really wanted, being a nanny to a little boy with autism.
what  better way of celebrating than some nice and silly pictures? boything arthur took these. he captures my good sides lol.


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Combining my slim-jims - halp!

So, after an unhappy realisation that due to circumstances that I can't undo, I think I need to combine a few dreads to strengthen the roots and stop me from going totally bald  :/
Can anyone with experience tell me how to combine two skinny dreads?
I'm talking skinny, like, some are slimmer than an average pencil.

Dreads are, for some people, a permanent non-permanent entitiy, in that they can be permenant - or they can be cut off. And to that, they can be dyed and decorated and trimmed and beaded and worn a zillion different ways. But what can you do when you're trying not to stress out your hairline any more than it already has been  (halp! My forehead is growing!)  but your workplace  (in a job you love)  requires a certain neatness and corporate-ness?  You can get away with looking different-ish if it's done in a neat and tidy way   :s
My french braid rocks but I have fuzz     :(     Any advice or ideas would be greatfuly recieved.

And so it isn't just words, a reluctant shake-em-up pic of my Misters 40-day old dreads and one nauseating couple  (I love my new hat!) :
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Alright, so I have had dreads for a little over two years. They seem to never stop getting tighter, fatter and shorter. I dont mind the tighter and fatter part, but I thought at one point they would start getting longerrr.

I was wondering if maybe I start palmrolling with a little bit of downward force, I could move the hair around and possibly, kind of like, "stretch" it to make it longer. What do you think? Do you think it will make a difference?


time line. bc im bored. lol

i thought my hair was only 2 years old. my friend reminded me it will be 3 in april. haha. i love it. i did some serious maintenance this weekend (like 4 hours work of looping loose hair into my dreads) does anyone know though how to get rid of all the fuzzies that exist around my dreads.  in back light i have almost 2 inches of extra hair on my head it's annoying i don't want to use wax or anything, and i've been washing more regularly. also i highly recommend lush's screaming green shampoo bar. my hair has never felt so wonderful ever. for the first time in 3 years i actually wanted to wash my hair after more than 1 month. hahah.

anyways enjoy. here's a pretty lengthy time line. woot woot.

at the grand canyon. i really like this picture.

i was bored and waiting for my laundry to dry so i figured i'd put up some semblance of a time line. enjoy.

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