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3 year birthday at the end of the month! [10 Feb 2009|01:04am]
I think I finally sort of reached platinum levels of blonde.
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[10 Feb 2009|11:12am]
well, my dreads certainly don't grow at the speed of lish, but it's nice to notice they've made at least some progress in the last year.
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long times. [10 Feb 2009|11:43am]
a picture because i had good light and a new phone.

i'm really noticing some length, it's so bizzare because my dreads will be 2 years (since the last brush technically.) in may.
and my hair was SO FRIGGIN long when i started them.

i find that my "neglect" dreads are taking longer to actually grow than the ones that i made.

but they were like, chin length 5 months ago, and now they touch my shoulders!

i also need to do some maint. i've got lots of fly away fuzzies, and a tiny tiny tiny baby dread on my nape. haha.
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work trouble. [10 Feb 2009|12:32pm]
Today i come into work check my email and I see this:
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Speaking of Flipping. [10 Feb 2009|01:06pm]
I took this pic just because I wanted to get in on the flippy goodness.
This is the best I could do.

As others have reported, it is not easy to get a dread flip pic when taking pics by oneself. Stupid timer. I was trying to catch a shot while they were sticking straight up. I was full of fail.
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[10 Feb 2009|01:48pm]
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Update!! [10 Feb 2009|04:06pm]
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Soo its been 6 months?! What!!?? I never in my life thought I would have them this long, well I mean I wanted them to stick around for a very long time but going through some depression a little slip with my anxiety attacks I started to think of getting rid of my dreadlings. Well I am SUPER stoked to say that I did not get rid of them!! They keep growing on me and I love them more and more everyday. I hope to have them for a VERY LONG time. And I must say I think they have come a long way since I first started them. :)

Enjoy the recent pictures of them!!



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Flip out! [10 Feb 2009|07:27pm]
I'm not too late for the flippy pics!

Beware: so many pictures...and a pirate.

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[10 Feb 2009|08:06pm]
While everyone else is doing flippy photos, I did my first dreadscan. Yay me!  'twas fun, minus the bending over the scanner part :P
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Friendly Snarks [10 Feb 2009|09:16pm]
I'd used to getting negative comments about my appearance, especially from snooty people when I shop in Headingley. But this one cheered me up.

Walking home with a bag full of fruit and veg, a delivery van pulled up and a black dready guy got out of the back, unloading crates of milk and eggs.

Guy: (Smiles) Hey! Bob Marley!
Me: (Rolls eyes) Says you!

At this point we both cracked up and nearly pissed ourselves laughing at each other.

I threw him an apple and resisted the urge to sing "Ernie the fastest milkman in the west" at him, Benny Hill style. :D
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