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Rainbow! [12 Feb 2009|01:26am]


taken using camera phone cuz i forgot to charge my camera batteries...:(
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[12 Feb 2009|03:54am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Little bit of head banging

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How We're Seen... [12 Feb 2009|11:14am]
Guys, I just found this...

Discuss. Or maybe we're all too busy getting stoned?
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up do? [12 Feb 2009|11:43am]

my boy and i are goin to go to the symphony saturday night, i want to try to do something funky fancy to my locks for it. any ideas?

         the length:                                                  

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[12 Feb 2009|11:44am]
New dread face.Collapse )
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[12 Feb 2009|03:10pm]
one month!Collapse )

also, for all you itchy heads out there- T-Sal shampoo worked WONDERS for me. it's seriously like my dream come true.
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dreadscans! [12 Feb 2009|05:48pm]
Follow-up to this post.

see some dreadscans!Collapse )
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sunny days [12 Feb 2009|09:10pm]
the weather was nice for a change and i was at work

i was trying my best to fight the urge to visit the sea

BoredomCollapse )
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[12 Feb 2009|09:23pm]
when I visited with bellyflowers I shaved off some of my temple hair.
Having head fuzz is lovely.

crappy phone pictures sorryCollapse )
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Longer than I thought! [12 Feb 2009|10:21pm]

Imagine my happy surprise when I discovered that I can pull my hair up into a little rocket coming out the back of my head! It was a very Dr. Seussian moment. I recently got some dread protips for going out on interviews for postdoc positions which relieved my anxiety about people not taking me seriously as a scientist. San Francisco, I've got my eye on you.


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