February 13th, 2009


New dreads

I finished my dreads today. Thought I'd share a couple pics, though it's hard to get a pic of the back of my head by myself :P I didn't plan to do them today, but it worked out in a funny/weird way. My mother died Feb 13th 2001, my senior year of high school (I can't believe it's been 8 years), so it's always been a shitty day. Maybe this is my subconscious' attempt at a new beginning, I'm certainly going to take it that way. The past year or so has been full of changes anyway, mostly positive. Anyway, on to the pics:
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hey gudu :)
i'm katy, and i have no dreads (wow, sounds like i'm introducing myself to an AA meeting).
correction! i have one.
and i'll most likely have to wait until this fall break until i can finally, after wanting to lock up since freshman year, get dreadlocks.
so my question is:

who here is in california, preferably central coast/bay area, and wants to help me dread up?

my mum won't let me do them myself, and as i really want to get 'em before university i have to stand by her rules. i mean, i'm stoked she doesn't mind my getting them. and if her only requirement is i get them done with someone who has them and has experience, then so be it. :)
i've checked the post in the memories on where people are located, but no one is in CA.
and yes, i've already harassed my mum into going to seattle. she's not biting...yet. but i won't give up, lish! hopefully i'll be able to convince her to pop up the coast for a bit.

i'd really appreciate knowing someone is out there that would be available in autumn. :)
oh, and i guess i should explain that. i'm doing an exchange student program for a month in spain this summer (living with a host family, taking classes, going on excursions, and all that jazz) then back home to greece for the rest of the summer. this means a lot of salt water, more than is good for baby dreads. also, i'll be gone all summer and i'd rather deal with their baby phase at home than abroad. ALSO, my mum wants me with "normal" hair for senior portraits.
so. autumn.

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