February 14th, 2009


Crochet method

I've often done my dreadies (had a few sets) using crochet hooks. I learnt this technique watching the maestros in Thailand. Apparently backcombing can be more robust than crocheting? My last set was bottom half scalp backcomb, top half scalp crochet, didn't notice the difference between them, but maybe I wasn't looking? My last set was extremely neat, but I obsessively crocheted them into submssion each time I wet them.

Does crocheting tend to break hairs inside the dreadlock, or is that dependent upon bad technique or weak hair? Any bad/good stories? I'd like my next set to be quite thin, so breakage would be Bad.

I was about to give myself a bit of a dreadhawk, when I had an accident with bleach and my hair is now spiky. I'll have to wait for it to grow long enough to dread and attach the hair that fell off! [Hair now] [Last lot of dreadies]