February 17th, 2009

New dreadie.

I've been lurking around for well only a couple of weeks, and decided to finally make an intro.
I'm 21, and have been wanting dreads for an incredibly long time.
So I decided that I'm tired of being jealous of everyone I see with gorgeous dreads.
I 've also decided that I don't trust myself to do my own dreads, so on March 15th I will having this lovely girl with 10 years experience.
Any advice?
I know she is using a backcomb & crochet method.
This is me.
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When would one try taking a crochet hook to their hair? Do you do it by age? By the durability of the dread itself? My dreads are a little over a week old and I'm not thinking about crocheting them yet....but would like to in the future and would like to know when is a good time to do it?

And as an added unrelated to myself note....thank you for deleting the "EW" post. That was completely unfair and uncalled for.

I really wanted to post pictures but I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if its livejournals fault.