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Hush now, don't say [21 Feb 2009|12:22am]

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offering dread maintenance in toronto! [21 Feb 2009|01:57am]
hello fellow dreadies!

do you want dreads?
have messy dreads, and want them tidied up?
want them colored?

i can give you, extensions, tidier looking dreads (no loose hairs) and dread tightening, and general maintenance.

my prices are very affordable. partly because i'm a poor student, and can relate to having $40 in your bank account... please contact me for more information...

i do this out of my home, and provide a comfortable, friendly atmosphere...
we could watch a movie during!
how fun.
and cheap! (...in price)

email (steffaiello@hotmail.com or reply here if you're interested!!)

example 1:

...general everything...a lot of them aren't real. i have thin hair...and the older and tighter they...the more they be shrinking. and greasy bangs. and faded color...
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[21 Feb 2009|02:27pm]
It's been well over 4 years now!!!! Plus I'm tired of winter coats, can't wait for spring!!
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fun! adventure! nature! [21 Feb 2009|02:43pm]
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[21 Feb 2009|09:37pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So I got sick of the blue spots I missed and I touched up my color tonight. I think it turned out pretty decent; I am just happy there's no more blue spots poking out when I have it down. :)
Here I am tired from rinsing out my hair extra good then drying it since I'm so scared of mold.

They'll be 2 months in a couple days.Collapse )
Ripping them apart is all I have really been doing, but I do have to do that pretty often because my curls love to eat each other.

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