February 22nd, 2009

faeries do it better


My baby dreads are officially two weeks old and I'm loving them.  The right side of my head seems to be locking up faster while the left side feels like its having a party.  I have some fine baby hairs at the side near my ears that just doesnt want to knot up and I'm not gonna force it since they'll just break off (i know this from experience)   This is my forth attempt and I love this one more than all the other combined!  I do have some questions and forgive me if they're silly.....
I have some Lily of the Desert Aloe and I guess it expired one year ago and I'm thinking its pertaining to ingesting it but I would like to know if it would hurt to use it in my hair?  There's quite a bit and I would hate to just discard it.
Second:  I read in the memories under bleaching/dying Lishs how to on dying dread but the one thing that really caught my eye was the elasticity of the individual hairs.  How much is too much elasticity?  Is some elasticty common in everyones hair or just damaged hair?  If this were my undreaded hair I woulndt think twice about dying my hair but with dreads I am.  I would hate to damage the strands and have them weaken and break off.  I didn't see this specific question addressed in the memories so I thought I'd ask.  FYI I want to dye my hair red not bleach it or anything if that makes a difference.  Thanks again!

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hi gudu kids.
shitty laptop webcam pics.
will take decent pics of my dreads soonish.
i got a puppy recently who i couldn't keep because of housies/committment etc.
find an amazing home for him though. with a family and another pooch.
i am in the process of making a new long dread out of my kid sister's cut hair to chuck in with mine.
using a process similar to felting.
ugh. morning head.

aforementioned shitty quality pics:

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Turning small sections of hair into thicker dreads?

So after two years of wanting dreadlocks and reading about the how-tos (creating, maintaining, etc.), I picked up a dread comb and some clips and rubberbands and washed and dried my hair and sat down with my husband yesterday to actually put them in.

Being that he's, well, a pretty typical guy who doesn't spend a lot of time working with hair, we ran into problems when it came to sectioning it out. It was a pretty frustrating several hours and in the end he convinced me to make an appointment to have a stylist make the sections out and then do the backcombing ourselves.

Part of the reason it was difficult to do the sections was because for the thickness of finished dreads I'd like to have (about the size of the hole in the middle of a CD), I was looking to make bundles of hair about 2/3rds that size, not being entirely sure how much bigger they'd become when dreaded but knowing that dreads are generally thicker than the sections that create them. The problem was that making sections that dense took up large areas of my head, which would result in few dreads with large spaces in between. My hair is about 18" long, of average thickness (front view, back view; looks very flat because I'd used a straightening iron the night before and this is first thing in the morning. When I wash my hair and just leave it to air dry, it dries in loose curls.)

So heeeeere's what I'm hoping is possible. I'd like to make thinner sections of hair (say, the size of a #2 pencil), to result in more dreads and fewer "bald spots", but when they get backcombed, I'd like to make sure they're held somewhat loosely so that more hair gets packed back, resulting in a wider - but ultimately shorter, at least at first - dread. Length is something I'm definitely willing to sacrifice if it means thicker dreads.

Has anyone had any success in making thicker-than-might-seem-normal dreads out of the size of hair clump I'm talking about? Once they begin to grow out, is it reasonable to assume that they will continue to grow into the thick dread or will they tighten down to "what they should be"? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks!

EDIT: Rahr, fixed broken second link.

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since i've stopped with the bleach, my locks have doubled in thickness. mrowr!
it's nice that i don't fear them breaking, however... now my bike helmet barely fits. ;)

happy sunday!
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ok, i keep meaning to share quick photos of matt's dreads but i always forget! and here they are, sitting on my desktop, simply never uploaded to flickr.
oh, silly kimbyfae. O.o

so, thanks for the reminder lishd! the age in these is 1 year, 4 months, and... although i put them in originally, i haven't maintained them as much as you might think. i did a little when they were young, and i tuck in large fly aways here and there, but.. according to matt, ever since i've been working on a ex-navy seal's dreads i haven't been as gentle. i just tell him he's a wuss-ass and to stop whinning ;D

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oh yeah

SO I brushed out my 2yr and 11 mo old locks in um dec. and I have been ok with that decision. BUT I have been missing them a lot!!!!! I want dreads but I need to get another job( which it is lil easier without the matted hair), my hair is a lil too short and I wanna grow it out a lil bit b4 I dread up my whole head.
Last night though I just could not take it and I made a dread. Woo Hoo! Its not done that well cause I cant really palm roll by myself but i feel its matted enough to last a while. Its also ganna be a fattie :DD which is what I want with my new set. Not all fattie's but i do want larger locks. anywho I am rambling sorry but i am excited. I will hold on to this one lock as long as i can and see what happens. Her name is Li um cause I am in love with lykke li.
Have a goodnight all.
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long time indeed

I can't believe I'm approaching three years in this community and with my babies. It's amazing to see the stages my locks have gone through and it's so exciting to finally see some length! I haven't had beads in over a year so I made some additions today.

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Umm, hi...^_^

Umm I have afew questions...my hair is between 15 and 20 inches long(to about a little past the bottom of my shoulderblades) and I was wondering about how long they'd be after the dreading process?(I won't begin the journey untill the summer) AndI don't know anybody with dreads, and I don't wanna' screw them up myself or have somebody who's never done them to either, suggestions on what to do. And, I'm a big fan of Wednesday 13's(Murderdolls, FDQFP13, etc.), Acey Slade's(Murderdolls, etc.), and Skinny Disco's(Deathstars) dreads and I was wondering if anybody knew how they started/what process they used to make their dreads because I think I would like to do mine like theirs. Although, I know when Wednesday and Aceyhad theirs they had the sides shaved and I don't want to do that part... And last question, does your hair seem to grow faster now that you have dreads or is it the same?

Anything would be helpfull...thanks in advance.

P.s. I'm new hear. ^_^ Nice to meet you all.