February 23rd, 2009

7 years

and i just cut em off last nite.

I cut em for a number of reasons all of them very appropriate.

they were getting really heavy my neck or back was usually in pain. So I decided to cut just a couple here and there and once i found a moldy build up i quickly decided to cut them all off.
after 7 years they were down to my ass, and about 5 pounds in weight. i may lock up again someday but not for awhile, I post before and after pics once i upload them.

blessed love
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2nd Set

ok well Maybe some of you remember me.. but I doubt it.
Anyway I brushed my first set out at 5 months I think.
They were giving me alot of problems for a number of reasons..
A) although I had read the memories over and over and over again
I hadnt backcombed them well enough.. this caused the dreads to tighten up much more slowly.
B) I had multiple weak spots in my dreads ... Most of them would be dreaded and really tight in the middle but about an inch of the root and and inch and a half end of the dread wouldnt be knotted at all!!!.
C) At 5 months the ones in the back started coming apart.. could understand...

So, I brush them out and enjoyed having long brushable hair (something Ive never experienced in my life) for a few months not long at all .... after about 2 weeks of brushing them out I couldnt get out of the hair maintenance routine of having dreaded hair and I started to neglect it... and a few natural dreads were born so I thought what the heck lets start a second set.

so I did. I have 9 so far.. More are to come. I dread a few at a time, taking my time to perfect each one making sure there nice and tight from end to end.

So here they are

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Cambridge Dread Head?

I'm currently living in London, but as I'll be getting married soon (whoo!) I will be shipping my arse up to Cambridge. With such a happy change in my life I want to start my dreads. I feel like celebrating such a positive time in my life with something else as equally positive.

Is there anyone around the Cambridge-ish area (I can travel) who would be willing to start my dreads for me? I can pay :]
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young dreads.

i've checked the memories, didn't really see anything.
how young is "too young" to crochet dreads?
and why exactly shouldn't you crochet young dreads? will it stop the dreading process? will it weaken the hair?
and what if you crochet around 2-3 weeks?

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my girlfriend chopped/combed out her dread
that was backcombed about a month ago now
she gave me the chopped dread

with her dread she helped me extend
a little dreadie of mine that was going
on about 2 or 3 weeks or so

this was the result

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RIP my month and a half old dreads :(

So i'm getting rid of my dreads, they caused pressure on my head and I just don't think I should have got them with hair so short. When my hair's longer I will have them again, coz I do love them but at the moment it's just not the right time. I'm going the 'condition the fuck outta them' route, so i can still have at least some length, as opposed to chopping them off.

Mommy of Demons
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Baby Dreads and SCIENCE!

Hi y'all!

I'd like to start by saying that I've been on the verge of posting umpty-hundred times before, usually with inane questions that spring to my mind and send me to my keyboard before I force myself to STOP! and check the memories. It's true, just about anything you can think of (and I've thought of a lot of things, both relevant and completely ludicrous) is there. On top of everything else I'm learning, this community teaches PATIENCE, not just with your own hair, but with the idea of 'You know, maybe if I took the extra ten minutes I could do the research and answer my own question instead of posting something that someone else has already covered extensively with photos, videos, graphs, charts, poems and in song.'

Anyway, this is my secondish set of dreads--my first I did entirely through the Knotty boy wax and dreading video that was posted here and which many people were not fans of. I am stubborn and was convinced 'I will only use a little wax and it will wash out!' Some friends who'd never dreaded hair before came over, we watched Predator and the KB video and they did my hair, and because it was full of wax it never locked up, felt oily, was unpleasant, I wasn't comfortable, et cetera. Lesson Learned.

Anyway, I do have a question I haven't seen covered in the memories:

I'm a visual person, and I'm also an amateur science nerd. Are there any microscope shots of dreaded hair that give a good visual reference for the locking process? I have this idea about how it works/what it looks like and I wanted to know if I was right or wrong. I understand that basically the hair 'sticks' together and from my fiddling with it I kind of have a sense of it and I'm experiencing some nice locking (yay no product!) but I'm just curious what's going on on a teeny scale, ya know?

I did a Google img search but didn't really find anything. I thought y'all might have come across something like that. And if not, perhaps someone with a microscope or access to a lab could whip something up!