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[25 Feb 2009|12:42pm]
Feb 10th was one year with dreads.seeCollapse )

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safety first. [25 Feb 2009|02:21pm]


BE SAFE.. Collapse )
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another post. but it is a real update! [25 Feb 2009|04:44pm]
i still work at the outdoor ed centre and all my internet access is ultra filtered and firewalled so i haven't had a chance to upload any pictures lately.

here are some pictures of my locks from my recent trip to cambodia/vietnam/laos.

i chopped 6 inches off before i left! i miss my blond tips.

welcome to indochinaCollapse )
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why did i bother? [25 Feb 2009|11:43pm]
Help please?
The story is,
I am naturally a blond who dyed her hair darkish brunette twice, then dyed manic panic vampire red over that and achieved a nice maroon color, then decided to try to go back to blond with some storebought stuff.

Got lots of weird yellow shades near my roots but my dreads barely changed from brown.

So I bleached them twice with 30 strength and used toner, some clairol stuff that didnt work well. I don't think my hair was bleached enough for it to work.
But my hair is STILL yellow. It's pretty pale in some spots but rather Easter-ish yellow in other spots. Not SUPER yellow but -DEFINITELY- yellow, ya know?

... Should I bleach it once more time and hope for less yellow? I thought white dreads would be cool but now I am not sure I am ready to bleach my hair to death to achieve that :/ Would it work to try and dye it a medium blond over this yellowish shit? Any suggestions? Is Special Effects toner good stuff? I've seen some positive reviews.

Any help is SO appreciated :o
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