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Fun! [28 Feb 2009|12:00am]
I went to Medieval Times tonight for a friend's birthday because we're AWESOME like that! We had to improvise in order for me to be able to fit my crown over my dreads.... my favourite part is the one friend's reaction but behold!  crown dreads....


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Adventure! [28 Feb 2009|04:17pm]
In December [info]xseaxgypsyx and [info]eggplantman came to visit. We took a trip up to the abandoned house that I've been fixing up with the hopes of living in this summer. I took some film pictures and scanned them in for sharing purposes.

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What I've been up to since November [28 Feb 2009|07:13pm]
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[28 Feb 2009|10:05pm]
I dreaded my husband's hair tonight. He's been wanting me to for a long time, but he shaved his head in April so he's been having to wait that out. For the most part his hair was around 5 inches long, so I figured I'd give it a go. The nape of his neck was the shortest, and there are about 4 dreads there that I'm not sure are going to do much, but I told him that beforehand and he was ok with it. So yeah, here he is.

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[28 Feb 2009|11:39pm]
My babies are about 6 and a half months old :)
I trimmed my bangs and fixed some loose hairs, not many though. I still have a bunch. I just fixed the really crazy ones.


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Also, anyone in the Orlando willing to do some maintenance? I'll pay ya :)
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