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New here [01 Mar 2009|12:09am]
This is me and those are my dreadsCollapse )
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Heavy head [01 Mar 2009|12:24am]
[ mood | awake ]

My head is heavy but not my heart.
Today I wake up happy. I'm so happy.

No more sad Jasmin!:D (at least for now!)

Got new shampoo for dreads. Smell like Strepsils, sometimes i feel like eating it.:P


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Time Traveller's Ball - webbycam pics! [01 Mar 2009|02:08am]
So, I know I almost never ever ever ever post here. I read though, all the time.

My dreads turned 4 last september. I've cut them twice, as they were down to my hips and I didn't know what to do with them anymore. I left two long when I cut them last... they're my squid arms/feelers.

Anyway, I'm dressed up for a party that's STILL going on downstairs! It is/was a time traveller's ball. I spent most of today weaving/knotting a 10 ft WEB OF TIME and finishing up the transporter/gogo cage (built around one of my hula hoops!) I went with a costume that's much like most of my other costumes, some sort of shamanistic/goddess/priestess/creator/destroyer archetype. You can't see in the photos, but this is a semi-kimono empire waist dress, paired with knee-high moccasins. :)

Costuuuuuuume!Collapse )
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new apartment fun [01 Mar 2009|10:47am]
heres some pictures of the new apartment my friend and i are moving into in the next few days after its finished. i finally cleaned up my dreads.
painting fun!Collapse )
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pirate dread flip [01 Mar 2009|12:59pm]
[ mood | delighted ]

we had a pirate party at my house last night, and my roommate's fiancee had her hair in braids, which made her decide it would be a good idea to attack me with them, which led to a hair fight/flippy picture.

pirate hairCollapse )

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How do you keep the hair out of your face? [01 Mar 2009|03:15pm]
So heres a problem I have been having with doing martial arts for the past year+...
My hair starts hitting me. Also some dreads get out of the bunch and the beads hit me. Its especially annoying when im jumping rope and have this big mass of hair hitting my back everytime my feet hit the ground. Anyone else have this type of issue?

How do you wear your hair when you plan on being active? Show Pics?

crapwebcam pics of my hairCollapse )
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oh my. [01 Mar 2009|11:44pm]
I threw a costume party!

(can you guess what I was?)

The theme was Epic.Collapse )


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