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[03 Mar 2009|01:01am]

My dreads just turned two!
They're pretty much my favorite thing ever.

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Hello my fuzzy heads [03 Mar 2009|06:40am]
its been almost a year since I've updated, making my dreads 26 days short of 1 year old. I'm not really going to remember to post on their birthday so I'm going to do it now.

you can catch their upbringing and the last post I made HERE which will also link you back to their very first day of creation

Anyways, on to happy birthday dreadie pics(they are covered in white wool, its hard to stop covering them in wool once you start cause then it just looks weird):Collapse )
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i have so many good pictures you may just go blind in an ironic tragedy... [03 Mar 2009|01:52pm]
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Gash and Daylight robbery soundsystem had a soundsystem showdown in a club on sunday, they normally do freeparties but they were trying to raise some cash... the pictures are fantastic though lots of them arent showing up and im not sure why :/  lots of beautiful dreadie and dreadless people alike :)

fair few good pictures and THEY ALL CONTAIN PEOPLE WITH DREADS! what more could you want? :)Collapse )
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14 Months [03 Mar 2009|04:30pm]

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It seemed like a good idea at the time [03 Mar 2009|06:57pm]

So, I was sad when I found my dreads wouldn't fit in my black balaclava. The solution was obvious - knit one with a 'hair vent' hole in the back my dreads could hang out of!
more balaclava pictures, plus othersCollapse )
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Detroit rock city. [03 Mar 2009|11:11pm]
Hi, i am new to this beautiful world of dreadlocks. I invested quite a bit into a lot of human hair to dread into my relatively short hair. I did a few and they look terrible. I am going to look through the memories a bit before asking too many more questions. I just wanted to say Hello.

Also is anyone from the detroit area?
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