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Well hay thereeee. [06 Mar 2009|02:43am]
Just a little update, for anyone curious. and I cut my bangs =D
some are 4 months, some are only like... 2 and a half. They weren't all done at once. Once midterms and spring break are over, I think were gonna do the rest, all but my bangs.  

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[06 Mar 2009|09:34am]
[ mood | relieved ]

i just woke up from having the most horrible dream EVER last night.

i dreamt my dreads were combed out-- i don't know why they were-- and i was SO SAD and wanted them back SO MUCH. and it felt REAL, i was panicking because i thought my dreads were gone. the dream was worse than just oh my god my dreads are combed out, i couldn't figure out WHY they were gone and who had done it and i was just freaking out. when i woke up and saw them in my face, i was so happy! i really was terrified i'd wake up with my long brushable hair.

but they're still here, thank god!

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[06 Mar 2009|02:36pm]
[ mood | hot ]

My dreads are somewhere between 2 and 4 months old. Minimal backcombing, lots of roots meshed together.

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10 months-ish [06 Mar 2009|08:13pm]


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Official non-webcam update! [06 Mar 2009|08:44pm]
Ahh, so last time I webcamed up a few photos of my shamanistic costume for the time traveller's ball! It was complete with crappy quality, plaid and feathers! Today, by request, I present....


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Really loose middles [06 Mar 2009|08:54pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Halu. I'm suppressing my n00b freakout thus far. Also, I owe ya'll some pictures (eventually.) Just a quick question though. I have a few dreads that seem to be unraveling from the roots? I know a lot of people's unravel from the tips, but it seems the lower half of my hair is fine. If I just leave them do you think they will relock themselves over time? There is about 5 inches or so of quite undreaded hair root to middle. I'm worried this might end up as a weak spot or something. Thanx a bunches!

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