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newbies!! (sorry for the uncut pics before!) [07 Mar 2009|12:19pm]
So my dreads are about a week old now. yay!! I can't wait until they mature!

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[07 Mar 2009|05:35pm]
[ mood | cold ]

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i'll start your locs for free in south tampa florida [07 Mar 2009|06:34pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

hey, fortunately for you i have no pictures of any work--i've started 5 sets of locs--and i'm willing to start some sets for free. i've had two sets of my own--first 7 months, second 26 months. this way i'll be able to take pictures of my work so i may be able to charge in the future, but its mostly for fun. i really like backcombing peoples heads. we can listen to some music watcha movie and hang out it will be fun! so if you're interested or know someone who is shoot me an e-mail/reply to this.

arthuradot at gee mail dot com

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[07 Mar 2009|10:27pm]
Hello! So it's Saturday night...and I decided to stay in after doing a long ass tattoo that killed my back and neck. Laying in bed in rocking my world right now. Anyway... took this picture for my man and thought I'd share it!


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