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[10 Mar 2009|12:51am]
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Dread Adventures! [10 Mar 2009|12:30pm]
Very picture heavy, as I haven't updated since starting them! They are now a little over 4 months old!
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Drats! [10 Mar 2009|06:04pm]
This past weekend I went to visit my friend Friday in Boston. He has 3 rats who we realized really enjoy dreads. They kept using them as ropes to climb up from counters and chairs up onto my shoulders.
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[10 Mar 2009|07:23pm]

These are my boyfriend's dread babies. They're a week and two days old. What do you guys think of them? Any tips/suggestions? This is my first time dreading hair, so I'm kinda worried that I may mess things up. I need someone with experience at this to tell me that I'm doing an okay job maintaining them; these dreads are our love children! =P
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progress pictures of my new apartment! [10 Mar 2009|09:38pm]
hey guys... i just uploaded some new progress pictures of my new apartment...
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Another Dr. Bronner's Soap Post [10 Mar 2009|11:30pm]
I've read the memories on this but my question still isn't fully answered (and I still would like opinions from the members who have joined since the past posts). I've been using Dr. Bronner's soaps for years on my body, but since I put in my dreads I've been considering using it as shampoo since a lot of you guys have positive feedback for it.

My baby dreads are 5 days old so I'm not going to wash them quite yet, but I still have brushable bangs that I've washed a few times with 1 squirt (tbs-ish) of Dr. Bronners peppermint soap to 1 regular sized shampoo bottle filled with warm water. There was no lather (after the inital foaminess after adding the water) or real clean feel afterwards so I'm willing to assume I either didn't dilute it enough or diluted it too much, or I just don't like it as a shampoo on my brushable hair.

My question is, if you use their liquid soap, how much (if any) do you dilute it? If you don't dilute it, do you notice an excess of soapy residue in your hair (or other problems)? And how do you like it in comparison to their bar soaps and other shampoos you've tried?


(Edited to reword it due to sleep deprived stupidity and broaden the original question.)
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Who's your favourite musician/celebrity/etc with dreads? [10 Mar 2009|11:40pm]
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I thought it'd be nice if everyone posted a pic or two of their favourite "famous" person with dreads! (Hope this is acceptable lish!) Mine is Karyn CrisisCollapse )

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